UMi X1s vs JiaYu G4 revisited!

The JiaYu G4 and UMi X1s are perfect phone choices for anyone wishing to enter in to quad-core Chinese phone ownership without breaking the bank. So which of these two phones will is the best to buy?

For those of you who like the idea of a low-cost, quad-core phone, but with a screen smaller than 5-inch, the UMi X1S and JiaYu G4 are both attractive phones, but with such wonderful hardware which would you choose?

UMi X1s

umi x1s quad-core

The UMi X1s is the updated big brother of last year’s UMi X1, but it’s not just a processor upgrade this super-slim Chinese phone has received for 2013!

Why the UMi X1s

The UMi X1s might share its body and most of its specification with last year’s dual-core phone, but engineers at the company haven’t been ideal with the updates. The new UMi X1s will feature a Gorilla Glass display which should prove to be much more tolerant to occasional knock and scrapes than the Dragon tail display used last year.

umi x1s quad-core benchmarks

Then there is the bump in power the quad-core MT6589 processor provides over the dual-core MT6577, but it’s not just extra power the new chip bring to the package though, improved GPS, better battery life and cooler operation are being touted too! Android 4.2.1 Jelly Bean will come loaded on to the UMi too!

As for the rest of the phone it’s pretty much what we got last year with the X1, 1GB RAM, 8 mega-pixel camera, 1850mAh battery, 4.5-inch 720 display all packed in an 8.9mm body. And what this means is that UMi have all supply chains ready and waiting, which should result in better quality and fewer delays!

JiaYu G4

jiayu g4 720 display

The JiaYu G4 is bigger, has a better rear camera, but is also an all new design with a whole new possible set of problems. So is the risk (however small) worth it?

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Why the JiaYu G4

The JiaYu G4 is set to enter the market in it’s ‘Youth’ guise in a few weeks. At 999 Yuan ($160) the G4 will be the same price as the UMi X1s but will feature an all new design, larger 4.7-inch 720p display, and more accurate 13 mega-pixel camera!

Jiayu G4 leaked benchmarks

Like UMi, JiaYu are opting for a Gorilla Glass display, which is driven by a quad-core MT6589 processor and 1GB RAM. The G4 is also listed to launch with Android 4.2 Jelly Bean and will offer the same dual-sim and micro SD card ports as the new UMi too!

Which would you buy UMi X1s or JiaYu G4?

So with the details laid out before us, which sub 5-inch, quad-core Chinese phone would you consider buying? On paper the JiaYu G4 appears the better buy with a better display, and 13 mega-pixel camera. However, we still have no firm release date from JiaYu and as they are still deciding on the final configuration for the phone we would have to say it is looking like the G4 will launch later rather than sooner.

The UMi X1s on the other hand is ready and waiting, the only part which has the ability to slow production is the availability of MT6589 chips (which appear to be in plentiful supply)!

So all new all the way with the JiaYu G4, or sooner rather than later at the expensive of some of the hardware with the Umi X1s?

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