UMi Cross battery gives us an idea of size, another 6-inch+ phablet coming soon

UMi have managed to keep out of the spotlight for a few months which has given them time to work on their next device, the UMi Cross phablet.

There are plenty of questions surrounding the UMi Cross phablet, some of which can be answered with the following photos of some of the hardware in the phone. First up is the battery which looks to be around twice the size of the UMi X2 battery it is sitting next to.

umi cross battery 1

As the UMi X2 had a 5-inch display, we can guess from the size of the Cross’s battery that UMi are planning to launch a 6-inch+ device.

umi cross lds antenna

Although the battery is huge, UMi have put some work in to keeping the thickness of the device down by using LDS (laser direct structuring) Antennas. The LDS process allows manufacturers to quick make prototypes and fine tune the shape on antenna to suit specific bandwidths. The process can also make three-dimensional antennas which can cover more surface area which taking up less space.

umi cross lds antenna

We have spoken to UMi who said we can expect the first photos of the final UMi Cross device in a few weeks.

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