India’s SmartNamo to launch their own smartwatch!

Smartwatches seem to be the ‘in’ thing this season. After the likes of Qualcomm, Sony, Samsung, etc. presented their own renditions of the wearable technology concept, upcoming manufacturers like India-based SmartNamo have been up to the task as well. Google are said to be working on one too, if you missed it. We have to admit, things are moving ahead at a faster rate than expected!

Coming back to SmartNamo’s Smartwatch, the manufacturer hasn’t yet revealed any details about the upcoming device. However, speculations say that it will be based on the Android operating system. The fact that there’s a calling option included in the UI makes us believe there will be a mic and speaker built-in.

The device should be available for purchase in a few weeks time, but we won’t be surprised if it takes longer. SmartNamo will be selling the device via popular Indian e-commerce website, Snapdeal. Another thing worth noting is that the device will be given free with an unnamed SmartNamo device. We wonder if it is the Saffron X which made waves thanks to the monstrous specifications!

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