Nexus 5 appears on Google Play at $349

Nexus 5 appears on Google Play at $349


Google’s next generation Nexus 5 briefly appeared on the Google Play store priced at $349!

Nexus 5 leaks are 10 a penny, but finally we have a leak with credentials we just cannot ignore! Earlier today the Nexus 5 appeared on the Google Play online store listed at $349 for the 16GB version of the phone.

google nexus 5

The product link no longer works but a screenshot of the main page was made and the Nexus 5 promotional image has been downloaded and shared across countless tech sites. From the screenshot it looks like Google have gone down the camera centric route for the new phone which gets the tag line:

Capture the everyday and the epic in fresh new ways. Starting at $349.

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  • prem

    Release date pleaes

  • stig

    Holy moly, the phone that we’ve all been waiting 4 has arrived!
    …and the link is dead.
    great post Andi.

    • Lexey

      shut it up !! cry baby and go do something usefull

  • tej

    So finally we got the official looks of this. Every day my preference of getting a new phone is changing now. I hope to see you soon baby, with stock available status…

  • Airyl

    I’m just hoping $349 isn’t for an 8GB version.

  • Stuart

    Unless google directly distributes it here, we have to pay LG prices for it again like the Nexus 4…. but it will make parallel imports of nexus 4 drop even furthur….