The MIUI Bible will clear your MIUI-related doubts!

Even before getting interested in the Chinese smartphone market, I came across MIUI ever so often (I had an LG Optimus One) and wasn’t sure what the fuss was all about. This is how popular the MIUI ROM was, almost 2 years back. You can only imagine how much more popular the ROM has become! Many new people get introduced to MIUI each day, and there are a lot of questions asked about the included apps and features.

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The MIUI Bible aims to solve your problems by maintaining a list of all apps included in an MIUI ROM with a weekly update. The MIUI Bible is a work in progress, so you need to be patient if you don’t find what you’re looking for. The maintainers of MIUI Bible plan to cover one app every week.

You can check out the MIUI Bible by clicking here. Once loaded, you are presented with a nice and clean interface which is not very hard to use. Topics can be expanded by clicking on the headings, after which you are given a detailed guide about the topic in question, including informative text as well as images. As mentioned previously, the maintainers will be further populating the list of topics with more useful info, so keep checking the MIUI Bible if you don’t want to miss on anything MIUI!

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