HaiPai P6S is a Huawei Ascend P6 look-a-like with MT6582 processor for...

HaiPai P6S is a Huawei Ascend P6 look-a-like with MT6582 processor for $180!


The HaiPai P6S takes the ultra-thin stylish body of the Huawei Ascend P6 and makes it affordable with the latest Mediatek quad-core processor!

Mediatek have managed to help the Chinese phone industry create a new category of entry-level quad-core phones. The 1.3Ghz MT6582 chipset is a more powerful and energy efficient verson of the older MT6589 chipset, but aimed at affordable phones with 720p displays. This mix of 720hd and high power is creating some interesting hardware like the HaiPai P6S we see before us!

The P6S isn’t the first to mimic the 6.9mm body of the Ascend P6, but it is to do some at a price below $200! Specification highlights included a 5-inch 720p OGS display, 1GB RAM, 8GB of interal memory, 13 mega-pixel rear camera, 8 mega-pixel front, and dual-SIM support.

haipai p6s antutu

As we have seen with similar MT6582 phones, the HaiPai P6S is quite the performer with Antutu benchmarks of 17,025!

The HaiPai P6S is on sale internationally now for just $179.99.

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  • Scherpenseel

    Also, on Tinydeals, they type (and youtube) that the phone has a MTK6589 ARMv7 quad-core with only 1.2GHz, instead of the 1.3Ghz MT6582 chipset, any chance you can verify this as well?
    Thanks again!

    • 1949deal

      on haipai official site, this model come with mt6582, not mt6589

  • John Gass

    For me, the problem is that I see the Zopo ZP998 as the current must-have Chinese phone and, whilst I’m keen to spend as little as is reasonable, the $300 Zopo offers far more compelling value for money than the HaiPai P6S and, indeed, all the other $200 phones.

    • zaikatanox

      I”m not a big fan of MediaTek, but I think they’re getting much better lately (post 6589T), and the kind of performance per price ratio you’re getting out of these phones is amazing. I just hope that MT6592 will perform as good as advertised, and that they would take care of the MediaTek ever-presence GPS issues.

      • Stavros G

        GPS issues have to do with phone manufacturers, not chipset

    • Airyl

      Forgive me, but I laughed a little when I read your name. I’m really sorry. I should go to hell.

      Back on topic, I do agree that the ZP998 is looking like the best MTK Chinese phone out so far. The features on it are only on phones WAAAY past the $600 mark. Getting one with all those features and then some for just $300+ seems like the bargain of a lifetime.

  • danilekk

    i like the square design, look-a-like huawei p6s, as well as a little iPhone, that configuration is good enough for that price.

  • smill

    Have bought it, now i am waiting for my big surprise !!!thanks to the 1949deal

    • Chetan Naik

      So are you using it? Could you share your experience with the phone?

  • Marius Cirsta

    Well this looks like the P6 but it’s made of plastic so it’s not the same build quality. I also have to wonder if it’s really only 6.9 mm wide or if the specs are stretched a bit ( which the Chinese often do ).

    • Airyl

      Actually, according to Youtube, it’s built with metal in a similar fashion to the real P6, except that the curve at the bottom of the phone can be removed to slide off the metal back panel and insert the battery, sim cards and microSD card. It looks pretty well made TBH.

  • Ulefone P6..is that you? LOL

    • 1949deal

      although both two are look like huawei p6, but not in the same range,Ulefone price at 270$-300$, haipai only cost 180$

  • Kurma Chaitanya

    There is also the Jiake P6 at the same price. The specs seem pretty similar except it has an 8MP front camera vs 5MP and 2200mAh battery vs 1650mAh according to FastcardTech. The camera specs on 1949deal are 8MP for Haipai front camera (confirmed on the screen shot for the Antutu benchmark) and 2000mAh battery. These Chinese sites like to contradict each other on the specs.

  • Lucy Loo

    So in the end, what’s the truth? Are Haipai P6s and Jiake P6 same phones? Does Haipai has 6589 or 6582 cpu? What’s battery capacity? Is back side metal or plastic? Can somebody confirm something for sure?

  • Leo

    I would like to know can I use Huawei P6 cover case (back case) for this phone? Thank you

  • dontie

    Bad camera and battery
    Cant get 3G to work properly
    Big dissapointment

    • raian

      agreed . just got one. The front camera (8mp)seems to be better than the back camera (13mp).

  • david

    does it work with wind …………………..aws?