HTC-One 2 / HTC M8 Concept Video

The second iteration of the HTC-One, which according to @evleaks is known internally at HTC as the HTC M8 and is known online as the HTC-One 2, has gotten a pretty nifty concept video from the folks at TechRadar. While the video is just that, a fan-concept video that is in no way, shape or form official, it is a great concept video from a media outlet that knows HTC well and appears to take into consideration images that @evleaks allege are the first actual images of components of the device, as well as leaks that revealed some of the M8’s specs.

In the concept video the HTC-One 2 / M8 features a slimmer design, a 5-inch end to end screen with with 2560×1440 “2k” resolution, a 2.3GHz Snapdragon 800 quad-core CPU, 3GB of RAM, a 10MP “UltraPixel” camera, a 4000mAh battery and will be the first device to run HTC Sense 6, HTC’s overlay on Android 4.4.

While it is only a concept video, The HTC-One 2/M8 is expected to hit store shelves early next year, and will in all likelihood sport specs that are not too far off from this, although the battery may be a bit of wishful thinking by TechRadar in my opinion.

We will have more on the HTC-One 2 /M8 as soon as it becomes available. How close do you think TechRadar’s educated guess is going to be to the real thing? What would you like the final name to be?

[Source: TechRadar via Android Authority]
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