Acer Liquid S2 vs HTC One Max

Earlier we brought you the Acer Liquid S2‘s impressive AnTuTu scores. While the internal horsepower of a phone is certainly important, the Liquid S2 is often compared to the HTC One Max due to their similar appearance, price point and that both pack top or near top of the line cameras. So how do the two phones compare when going head to head?

As you can see, both phones have a similar look and display. While the Liquid S2 has a negligible size difference, it is offset by an equally negligible resolution. Both phones have great screens and the difference between them, in either size or resolution, is not likely to be picked up by the human eye. Where the Liquid S2 has a significant advantage however, is its processor speed. Using the Snapdragon 800 chipset, as opposed to the HTC One Max’Snapdragon 600, the Liquid S2′s quad-core CPU is running at a blazing fast 2.3GHz as opposed to the HTC One Max’s relatively modest 1.7GHz.

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What really sets the Liquid S2 apart from other top of the line phones and the reason for all of its hype, is its camcorder capable of capturing 4K video. According to Acer, the 13 megapixel camera is the first to cell phone camera capable of the feat. However, HTC has long taken pride in its camera techniques. Using a technology HTC calls ultrapixel, they have managed to get far better performance out of lower megapixel cameras than their competitors. The Acer camera is still king, clearly, but the HTC One Max‘s camera is likely to impress you more than you would expect a normal “4 megapixel” camera to.

Visually the HTC One Max has a straight edge look while the Liquid S2 has a more rounded design. The Liquid S2  is also a mm thinner, sitting at 9mm. The trade off is that it is 2mm longer and wider.

Depending on the market you are purchasing it in, the phones have a comparable price. The Liquid S2 recently launched in Hong Kong for HK4,799 (618USD, 453EUR) after doing a tour of Europe at a higher price.

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  1. December 22, 2013

    Acer Liquid S2 of course. I will buy that instead of the HTC without thinking twice.