Unistar U5 Wind launched with MT6582 and a sleek design

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Sleek and stylish phones galore! Here’s another one that goes by the name of U5 Wind, launched by Chinese manufacturer Unistar!

Chinese phones have been taking the looks quotient up with every generation of phones. Another one that comes to mind is the iNew V3, which just like the U5 Wind, comes with a very sleek and stylish body. Speaking of U5 Wind’s specifications, there’s a 5-inch 720p Sharp screen, uber-popular 1.3GHz quad core MT6582 processor, 1GB RAM, 32GB ROM (I’m impressed!) along with support for dual SIM. All this, packed in a sleek 7.8mm body! However, neither slot has support for WCDMA which means international customers will likely have to make do with 2G data.

Unistar U5 Wind launched with MT6582 and a sleek design

Like many other phones coming from China, the U5 Wind will also run on Alibaba’s Aliyun OS. That’s all we have on the device for the moment; there’s more to come including battery & camera specs and pricing of course. Stay tuned!

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