TCL Idol X+ full specifications, photos and 32,000 point Antutu!

TCL Idol X+ full specifications, photos and 32,000 point Antutu!


TCL have launched their 8-core flagship phone and it’s a doozy. The TCL Idol X+ packs the latest 2.0Ghz MT6592 8-core chip for Antutu score of over 32,000! More details and photos here!

Yesterday afternoon, TCL invited media to Beijing to attend the launch of their new 8-core TCL Idol X+ Android smartphone. There had already been quite a buzz about the 8-core phone, as there tends to be around any TCL launch, but this new phone had the added excitement of coming with a new wearable device named the ‘Boomband’.

tcl idol X+ hero

Anyway back to the phone. Like previous TCL phones the the IdolX+ is a handsome design which measurs just 7.9mm  with a built-in battery, in this case a 2500mAh unit. Like the Idol X the Idol X+ has a 5-inch full HD display (1920 x 1080) and super narrow bezels of just 1.9mm, helping to maintain a comfortable body despite the large screen.

TCL have decided to focus on camera and audio improvements, along with performance, and from the specifications we can see the top of the range TCL phone sports a 13 mega-pixel rear sensor with F2.0 aperture. The main camera also has fast auto-focus and image stabilisation.

tcl idol X+ black

Audio gets a boost from the dedicated ES9018 Hi-Fi headphone amplifier and Maxim 9720 dual external speakers!

tcl idol X+ antutu

On top of all this TCL have managed to spec the faster 2.0Ghz MT6592 8-core processor in to the Idol X+ with 2GB RAM meaning you can be in store for some pretty serious performance. At the event Antutu benchmarks showed that the TCL Idol X+ is capable of scoring over 32,000 points! That’s the same sort of results we have seen from Snapdragon 800 powered phones!

TCL Idol X+ Full specifications

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TCL Idol X+ photos

TCL Idol X+ price and availability

tcl idol X+ price

The TCL Idol X+ will be available for pre-order in China on the 15th January through Jingdong online E-commerce site. Pricing for the phone is very competitive at just 1999 Yuan ($320). Customers outside of China will either have to wait for resellers to offer the phone or for the Alcatel branded version to go on sale.

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  • antidumb

    i think this is awesome, why?
    even it use cortex a7 but it clocked at 2.0 ghz with 8 core (7×8=56×2.0=112) so it can beat snapdragon 600 with cortex 15 that clocked at about 1,6-1,7ghz (15×4=60×1.7=102) and has 2gb RAM
    5 inch with side bezel less than 2mm and 7.9mm thin but still manage 2500mah battery, with 1080p and 13mp
    $320!! just WOW!please release WORLDWIDE!

    • Mobile hunter

      I am also waiting for international version.

    • Anti-antidumb

      Dumbest calculation ever…

      • antidumb

        sometimes dumbest things or thinks can simplify your work for example: decision to choose smartphone

        this is not scientific calculation, u can use it or ignore it, in fact i discovered this calculation, you cannot found it elsewhere

    • Nahúm Pérez Mesa

      YEAH MAN I LOVE IT! i loved the old model idol x, but this one is one of the best, also 5″ inch screen (i only don’t love the built in battery and the capacity 2500mAh, because i prefer extractable battery with minimun 3000mAh, and i would know what about front facing camera and resolution, if have OTG, MHL and NFC) the rest sound perfect! about the design…it like to me at NEO N003, i prefer the design of Huawei P6, iNew v3, but isn’t a problem for me 😉

    • Horizon

      And where did you got those calculations ?? Let me tell you something … most heavy applications and games use only 2 (or at most 3) of cpu cores … and more than 4 cores is completely useless … don’t rely on benchmarks … my phone is LG OG it has around 22k antutu score , my friend has a note 2 that has 17k antutu score but heavy games like nfs mostwanted run smoother on his phone than mine…

  • claude

    The only deception for me is the built-in battery. Except it, all is great.

  • Arnold de ruiter

    Not to keen about the design yet, I would like to see more black model pictures. But I don’t think this is the phone we have been waiting for really…

  • Pedro Miguel

    Release tha best, please!

  • Sere83

    the real question is will the GPS actually work

    • zaikatanox

      Android Authority mentioned that GPS locking of the octa-core THL was really fast. I’m not sure how well it’ll really perform during driving condition though. I hope GizChina will address this in their full review soon.

    • eimai_kala

      TCL works on the gps issue. I had a TCL with mtk6577 and the gps signal was really strong.

      • Sere83

        The main GPS issues were with MT6589. I have a vowney v5 and GPS has never worked

        • eimai_kala

          You can search for any TCL phone with 6589 and see if there are any gps issues. TCL produce phones of high quality, higher than many other chinese manufacturers.

    • Evgenij Nebotov

      it works quite nice on current idol x. you won’t see problems. only in smallest india streets on not current india map, i had some jumping over streets. and now in thailand in walking mode it shows like i’m walking drunk, but i think every phone would do it 😀

  • Adrian

    I’d rather the power button somewhere on the side(middle)…other than that i really dig this phone. hope it has multiple 3g bands and not just 2. oh and i cant make out the capacative buttons.

    • Evgenij Nebotov

      in stock firmware you can light up the phone with volume rocker

  • Michael O.

    Quite a lovely phone with a lovely price I must say. But yea,I don’t like the built in battery. other than that, it’s all good. I’m still eyeing the 3D FHD MT6592 smartphone. What’s the name again … can’t remember but I want the 3D display.

  • Freeje

    How can this get a score of 32,600 and the THL 100S (with the same chip?) can only manage 26600?

    • Allanitomwesh

      Clockspeed. 1.7 vs 2.0

  • Achilles

    I was waiting for something more stylish from TCL,
    very big disappointment.
    Specs are good but nothing extra ordinary,
    the average 6592 phone will have similar specs from now on.

  • BB

    I would to confirm if this X+ is compatible with a micro SD card just like what you mentioned in the spec sheet.

  • Carlos

    Hi and thanks for the review. Will be enabled glonass on this phone?

  • Pellegrino

    Ho letto su un forum che non c’è l’ingresso per la microsd,invece qui dite il contrario. Potete, gentilmente, verificare?