Xiaomi Hongmi 2 alleged specs surface again: 5.5″ screen with MT6592

Xiaomi Hongmi 2 alleged specs surface again: 5.5″ screen with MT6592


Xiaomi’s Hongmi has been a revolution of sorts, as far as the Chinese smartphone industry is concerned. The device, launched a few months back, changed our perception of a low-cost quad-core phone, with a price tag of just ¥799, or about $130. It prompted many a manufacturer to think again, and release devices to compete. A prime example is international biggie Huawei, who not long ago, launched the ¥798 Honor 3C smartphone, a direct competitor to the Hongmi.

If reports are to be believed, the second generation of this massively popular phone from Xiaomi might already be in the works. It’s being said that the phone will have a 5.5-inch screen to go with an 8 core Mediatek MT6592 processor. Keeping up with their tradition of offering phones at lucrative prices, Xiaomi are expected to offer the Hongmi 2 at just ¥999 ($165). Even with the seller mark-ups that international buyers have to do with, the Hongmi 2 would probably be an offer you can’t refuse. An OEM that goes by the name of ‘Longcheer Technology’ is allegedly going to manufacture the Hongmi 2.

Xiaomi Hongmi 2 alleged specs surface again: 5.5" screen with MT6592

This is not the first time that we’re hearing of the Hongmi 2, or for that matter a 5.5-inch screen that it might feature.

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  • jotapelessa

    $165 OMG!

  • Frank Wu

    Hard to believe!

    Happy New Year to all….Cheers

  • liljohn

    battery? release date?

  • liljohn

    i hope xiaomi MI3S will be a 5.5 incher as well! just like gionee elife e7 and oppo find 7!

    hongmi2 —> 5.2″
    MI3S —> 5.5″


  • Israel

    this phone have Ugly big bezels ! maybe they will Fix it ?

    • njren

      Dream on. Xiaomi engineers to the bottom line. Latest hardware stuffed into a utilitarian package. Design details don’t figure into the equation. You want thin bezels, you pay more than 999 RMB.

  • sam

    25% higher price than the hongmi 1’s original price.