Almost official: OPPO to release multiple Oppo Find 7 variants on March 19th

While every kid on the block knows about the ‘flagship’ 2560 x 1440p display resolution variant of the upcoming oppo Find 7, a surprise in the form of a lower-res variant recently hit us.

Various leaks and teasers from sources oppo and otherwise have confirmed a 5.5-inch 2560 x 1440p panel that would sit atop the powerful internals on what we now call the ‘flagship’ Find 7 variant. On the other hand, thanks to a GFX Bench leak, we learnt of a lower spec’d (screen-wise, at least) version with a 1920 x 1080p resolution, much like the current OPPO Find 5.

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As we previously mentioned, could OPPO be looking to retire the fantastic Find 5? Or do you think the Find 7 will have 2 variants for you to play the pick and choose game? We think it’s going to be the latter; thanks to an image that made its way online earlier today.

oppo find 7


The pitcure in question clearly says ‘Find 7 [Are] Coming’. By choosing to go for ‘are’ rather than ‘is’, OPPO have clearly put their cards on the table, and it’s very clear that there will indeed be more than just one 2560 x 1440p variant of the OPPO Find 7. This might well mean that the company bids adieu to the Find 5.

We shall know. On the 19th of March. Until then!

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  1. February 12, 2014

    you’re rehashing the speculative article from yesterday!

    did you do ANY fact checking? did you call Oppo for a confirmation?

    it’s just as likely that your benchmark results came from a engineering sample or prototype than from multiple device skews.

    • February 13, 2014

      Hi, what prompted us to publish this was the image that OPPO released (featured image here) which clearly indicates the possibility of an FHD Find 7. Thanks!

      • February 13, 2014

        That’s a lot to hang on the word “are” in a graphic. They could just as easily meant that they are sup more than a single Find 7 (one version). Or it could just be akward grammar…

        Again, I suggest a fact check with Oppo. Get the new direct from the source.

      • Alan
        February 15, 2014

        how about 16GB(shouldnt be a standard anymore, way too small), 32gb, 64gb, 4g or 3g, NFC / no NFC, Wireles charging, versions? Single sim / Dual sim?
        There are so many possibilities even if its China / world modem version wich makes also a lot of sense


  2. CocaColaManager
    February 13, 2014

    Oppo and their teasers. Annoying. It’s like feeding a duck hahah The prices are always arrogantly high considering that no one knows what the hell Oppo is outside of China. No wonder they’re closing offices in Russia. I’ll pick a ZTE, Xiaomi or something else over Oppo at any given time.

    • Simon
      February 13, 2014

      I have more faith in Oppo than in Xiaomi, actually alot of people know about Oppo outside of China because they are very famous for there blu ray players.

      • CocaColaManager
        February 13, 2014

        Not in Russia! Besides that nobody cares much about any blu ray players here (Internet piracy). It’s the last century already. I’ve got a 100 mbit cable on the cheap (17 bucks a month) and so do many others.

    • Cuerex
      February 13, 2014

      >The prices are always arrogantly high

      its cheaper with almost same specs as current flagship phones and comes with very good build quality.. i dont see the trade off?

      • inez blafla
        February 13, 2014

        Devil’s advocate ; arrogant as they do not have the brand recognition /value that say Apple does in Europe and the US, nor the marketing spend, nor the logistics support – and consequently the specs should be higher and the innovation and design more cutting edge – and the price recognisably cheaper . Of course they need to make money, but in Intentional smart phone terms they are just starting out, and, again, without equal marketing/infrastructure, their prices have to be comparatively low or they will not get a look in . That may or may not reflect highly profitable short term innovation/ production costs/return objectives, but the reality is that China Phones in general still suffer a poor quality image Internationally, and to go for the top end of a mature consumer market, with hugely successful incumbent long term players, and still expect to overcome that barrier without a consumer buy-in fuelled by a ‘wow they are great and so much cheaper groundswell’, well, that is “arrogant” …

        • Cuerex
          February 13, 2014

          thanks for explanation

        • CocaColaManager
          February 13, 2014

          saved me the chore 😀 haha

        • February 14, 2014

          You said “Apple” and “value” in the same sentence, an impossible contradiction in terms. If you want Apple, then expect to pay top price and be assured that your money is going straight into their bank account, not back into better parts.

          On the other hand, Oppo was the first to sign a commercial deal with Cyanogenmod, and while they have their ColorOS ROM, the let you swap ROMs at your whim without voiding the warranty. They also provide tools and instructions to help you.

          Oppo has been steadily improving their materials, design and build quality since the original Finder phone (pre-Find 5) came out, and they are doing a good job on innovating on the hardware.

          Apple=arrogant. Oppo=disruptive. You put the arrogant label in the wrong place.

          • inez blafla
            February 14, 2014

            Previous reply deleted, so I repeat ; I clearly introduced reasoning with a devils advocate proviso, and I did not personally set out that they were arrogant, but explained why many thought so. And I most defiantly did not say that Apple = value! But, that Apple has brand value, which has no bearing on value for money or fair value, and which I totally agree are incongruous with Apple. I am also an Oppo fan, very keen on their design, innovation, CM tie in, and quality/camera centric strategy. I further very much hope that they will be effectively disruptive and develop with a consumer centric approach. But their phones are comparatively expensive. Irrespective of marketing spend comparisons etc Oppo seems to do a very tight balancing act between good top end components and some excellent/cutting edge ones, but they do not really provide the full bundle.That for my part makes it difficult to justify the buy in, especially as I understand that they are China’s most profitable mobile phone company (2013) . That said, as a fan I am also prepared to give them the benefit of the doubt, if as yet not my cash. In other words the jury is out on the arrogant bit and I look forward to see what innovations and risks they choose – certainly they can afford a fair few : D