Everything you need to know at the Mediatek MT6595 processor

Everything you need to know at the Mediatek MT6595 processor


Mediatek are currently trailing Qualcomm in the LTE processor race, but not for long! Here are full specifications plus everything you need to know about the upcoming Mediatek MT6595.

Mediatek is the chip supply of choice for the majority of the Android smartphones we report on, review, test and own, so when the Taiwanese chip maker has a new product on the horizon how can anyone ignore it?

Mediatek MT6595

mediatek mt6595

The next processor from Mediatek has the possibility of being one of the most exciting pieces of hardware the chip giant has ever produced! Sure the current MT6592 octacore was exciting, but without 4G LTE support it has left us all wanting for more.

In the next few months we are going to begin seeing more Chinese phone makers move away from the octacore MT6592 and adopt the new Mediatek MT6595M or the slightly more powerful MT6595 SoC. Just as with current Mediatek chips the MT6595 will proved the next wave of phones with WIFI, GPS, Bluetooth, etc but with the additional of some very exciting new features.

Mediatek MT6595 features

big.LITTLE – Where as the current MT6592 runs all 8-cores at once, the MT6592 uses similar technology to the Samsung Exynos range of processors. The processors will be made up of 4 x Cortex A17 and 4x A7 cores which will run at difference speeds. The processor will decide if what the phone is doing requires the BIG or LITTLE processors and switch between them. The switch will be seamless and should mean simple tasks use the more energy-efficient side of the chip while gaming and other number crunching tasks will be handled by the more powerful half.

Network Support – We saw a big change for Mediatek with the MT6592 which allows for dual 3G SIM cards and can work on GSM, TD-SCDMA dnd WCDMA networks, but the MT6595 takes things up a notch. The MT6595 processors will be able to work on GSM, TD-SCDMA, WCDMA, TD-LTE and FDD-LTE, aka 2G, 3G and 4G LTE networks.

Video – The current crop of Mediatek processors can handle 1080p video for both playback and capture, for the new MT6595 this has been taken up to 4K! That’s right, the MT6595 can capture and play 4K video at 30 frames per second. The MT6595M remains at 1080 video recording at 60fps.

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Screen Resolution – There wouldn’t be much point in being able to capture higher resolution video and  being able to play it if the screen resolution remained at 1080p. The Mediatek MT6595 isn’t able to support a 4K displays just yet, but a 2K panel of 2560 x 1600 is a huge upgrade compared to today’s specifications.

Graphics – GPU’s have been updated from Mali-450 to PowerVR G600 running at up to 600mhz!

Cameras – Camera sensor support is up to 20 mega-pixel on the full MT6595 model while the MT6595M can handle 16 mega-pixel sensors.

Mediatek MT6595 variants

There will be 3 versions of the Mediatek MT6595 processor, the MT6595 Turbo, standard MT6595 and the entry-level MT6595M.

Differences between the MT6595 Turbo and standard MT6595 appear to just be the speed at which the processor will run at. The turbo will run at between 2.4-2.5Ghz where as the standard at 2.1-2.2 Ghz. The MT6595M will run at a maximum of 2.0Ghz but here are more changes for the entry-level chip.

The differences between the MT6595 and MT6595M can be seen in the comparison table below.

mediatek mt6595 comparions

As you can see both processors have 4G LTE and octacore big.LITTLE set ups, but the lower range MT6595M has a slower 450Mhz GPU, supports just 16 mega-pixel cameras, 1080 video at 60FPS and can run at a maximum of 2.0Ghz. The MT6595 on the other hand can do 20 megapixel cameras, has a 600mHz GPU, can run faster and  can capture 4K video at 30 FPS.

Quite a few differences, but both have the hardware and potential to be rather potent chipsets for our next Android smartphones.

What the MT6595 means for Chinese phones

The MT6595 is big news for smaller Chinese phone makers and means that they will finally be able to produce phones with similar performance to Qualcomm’s top of the range 800 series processors. It also means that the next wave of Android smartphones out of China for Q4 could be equipped with such features as 2K QHD displays, more RAM than before, 20 mega-pixel cameras and 4G LTE!

Are you excited to see what the next generation MT6595 phones will be like? What features are you most excited by?

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  • nietjason

    The only way this will be a big change is if mediatek releases the sources

    • Rob

      I have to disagree to a point, we both know that releasing source codes ain’t gonna happen. Looking at it purely from a hardware point of view, I have to say that this is the first MT SoC that I’m genuinely looking forward to. It could mean high spec hardware, high res screens at the affordable Chinese prices those of us in the know crave (and the reason we buy these phones in the first place). Really hope they start appearing way before Q4 though!

      • Peter Pan

        I agree with you, this will change things, but. Qualcomm will release their 805 too and to be honest. Since all the Chinese phone makers now deliver their phones with weird roms for me the Chinese adventure becomes less attractive. Because of the fact no custom roms are available. I love my M2S, not MTK though, but for the future it will probably be Sony, Samsung, HTC or LG. Or maybe a Motorola if they decide to add SD-card support 🙂
        There just is not enough community based support for Chinese phones.

        • Rob

          I agree with a lot of what your saying, the problem with most Chinese phones is some of the truly awful roms they stick on their phones. I do think that in the last 12 months the general build quality has improved tremendously, I also think that the software side of things is going to follow the same path. Just look at the numerous manufacturers setting up shop outside of China, if they are to succeed in the US and Europe then they have to address thei issues with their roms. I think they’re expansion is a good thing for all of us in that respect.

    • highwind

      they are the fasted growing soc producer atm so they probably dont want “a change”…

  • Tux

    Andi, the MT6595’s 4 big cores are actually Cortex-A12 ones, according to ARM’s recent renaming shuffle and also indicated by Rockchip having to change the core names of their RK3288 from A17 to A12 at this year’s CES announcement.
    Since ARM only released the A17, which is kind of a first major update of the new A12, to SoC designers a few days ago, the working silicon shown by Mediatek at this year’s MWC was, what is now called, the A12 and not the future A17.

    • Ah yes, that does confuse things a little

  • Sere83

    I hope these jokers don’t try and release this with 4.2 again. In the long run, the lack of support for the latest OS will come to bite Mediatek in the ass.

    • njren

      Nope. Frustration, perhaps, but a backlash is hard to maintain with a short-term memory. Just like the tablet market, just like the MP4 scene not so long ago -and just like this website- so much of the mobile phone biz is characterized by acute ADD. It’s all about sales of the What’s Next…and then it’s up to the kids in forgotten corners of the world to melt the precious metals off the PCBs of what’s left behind.

    • sipart

      Most likely….!

  • Allanitomwesh

    This is nice,this is very nice.

  • claude

    So many people wait for this CPU to finally buy a 4G phone without regret, and without thinking all the time ” Why did i buy this 3G phone and not waiting for a 4G one …? ”
    Do u have +/- date for the 1st phones ?

  • LTE from Mediatek, it’s dual sim capable as well? Bit of a wait.

  • geekwannabe

    The killer spec is the inclusion of 4G LTE finally for developed markets. Now when is the question products starting appearing with these…

  • Jason45

    I believe there is a rumor that the LG G3 phone will use the MTK6595 chipset. The Umi X3 phone is also going to get the MTK6595 chipset and it is expected to be released in May or June.

    • UMi X3 is MT6592

      • Evgenij Nebotov

        nope, mt6595 version is already introduced

      • Jason45

        There are 2 versions of Umi X3, one version has MT6592 chipset. Another version has MT6595 chipset

  • The Chosen One

    Personally I’m gonna give them until January 2015 to perfect either this SoC or to have a 64bit 4G LTE Octa Core SoC in circulation

  • hoho..20 MP camera! 😉

  • M2

    I got a phone with MediaTek CPU and the GPS just sucks even with the various fixes. Until it is fixed I will not touch another phone with their CPU

    • mfmx

      It’s more likely your phone maker that didn’t bother about GPS antenna.

  • Vlastimil Čech

    And what about GLONASS???

  • Xiaolu

    I want to hear news like “Mediatek partners with Meizu and Canonical offering all source code for processor ranging from MT6595… ” Then I’ll think: “A W E S O M E ! ! !”

  • george

    what about ant+ connectivity?

  • brem

    Apparently, some MT6595 are already on sale (UMI X3 4G LTE MT6595) http://www.dhgate.com/product/2014-new-umi-x3-octa-core-4g-smartphone-2/186333201.html#s1-22-1|2812981046

    And if it’s real likely to be delivered within less than 2 months, so before Q3.

  • couldnotwait

    the feature that I am most excited about will be the 4G network support. also the expected cheaper price than Samsung. that is the whole point, cheaper.