Watch out! Knock Off Xiaomi Redmi Note phones already on sale!

xiaomi redmi note clone
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The highly popular 5.5-inch Xiaomi Redmi Note has already caught the attention on clone makers here in China and knock-offs are already doing the rounds!

It is not uncommon to see fake and knock-off Xiaomi products, but the speed at which these Xiaomi Redmi Note clones have gone on sale is quite scary and cause for concern!

xiaomi redmi note clone

What is most concerning about the Redmi Note clone is the ease of availability for genuine MIUI ROMS and MIUI launchers which help give the fake product a real genuine look and feel. Chinese tech site M8cool got their hands on a clone sample and were surprised to find the design of the Redmi clone slightly narrower than the real device, but without having measuring equipment and a keen eye it would be impossible to tell the difference.

xiaomi redmi note clone

The knock-off even goes as far as cloning the inside of the phone to highly accurate details, with the famous Mi logo proudly stamped beneath the battery.

xiaomi redmi note clone

If you have bought a Redmi Note recently and believe it might not be the genuine article you can check a few things. The real Xiaomi Redmi Note weighs 199g where as the clone are around 187g. The knock off measures 9.4mm thick and the bezels on the clone are just 4.32mm.

Specification details of the fake Note have not been published.

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