Xiaomi Prepping Announcement For Tomorrow, is it the Xiaomi Mi3S?

Xiaomi has announced an announcement. On its official Weibo account, Xiaomi posted an image giving tomorrow (April 28th) at 10am (presumably Beijing time) as the time and date of an official announcement. What said announcement will include is anyone’s guess, but speculation has already begun.

The 28th will be less than a week since Xiaomi’s last major announcement. On the 23rd, Xiaomi held its own conference that was perceived as an attempt to lessen the focus on OnePlus’ reveal of its flagship phone. Speculation for that announcement caused some to go as far as expecting the reveal of the Mi3S or the long rumored Xiaomi tablet. Many users were disappointed with Xiaomi’s actual reveal of two routers and a set top box, although that criticism was perhaps a little unfair.

Still, Xiaomi seems ready to give something to the cell phone community. Today, it posted an image of a message on what appears to be a render of the Mi3S. There were few details in the image, other than the date and time and the old adage “Always believe that something wonderful is about the happen.”

What does it all mean? It could be something as simple as lowering the price of the Mi3 to compete with the OnePlus, or it could possibly be the reveal of the oft-leaked Mi3S. Or Xiaomi being Xiaomi, they could blindside us with something completely unexpected.

At least we won’t have to wait long to find out.

[Source: Weibo]
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