Omate developed Huawei Kids tracker prototype spotted

Omate developed Huawei Kids tracker prototype spotted

Huawei Omate Kid Watch

Omate, the Kickstarter project from Shenzhen, have been working with Huawei to develop a GPS enabled kids tracker here are the first images of the prototype.

The Omate Kickstarter project caught the eye and imagination of tech fans, developers and by the looks of things Huawei, one of China’s largest electronics companies!

Posted by Omate CEO Laurent Le Pen on Google+, this Huawei branded smartwatch was developed with help from Omate and will be sold in China through China Unicom. Full features of the pink wearable haven’t been revealed but the main features are a GPS tracker, with GSM connectivity and a small display which shows the time and date.

Plans for a launch outside of China haven’t been announced, but I am sure if the Omate team were to produce something like this then there would be thousands of parents willing to buy them.

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  • omate kickstarter backer

    If the security on this device is as good as the security on the omate TrueSmart then it’s more likely to lead a pedophie to the child than the parents.

    The security on the omate TrueSmart has more holes than Swiss cheese.