Meizu knock’s out it’s own server with $110 MX3 deal

meizu mx3 price

Early today Meizu knocked out it’s own server when feverish fans headed to the company store to buy the Meizu MX3 for just $110.

Meizu held a special sale earlier today offering 100 Meizu MX3 phones at the exceptionally low price of just $110. Interest in the promotion exceeded even Meizu’s expectations when fans flooded the company store and knocked their server offline.

According to Meizu over 500,000 visitors opened the Meizu site creating so much traffic the website simply couldn’t handle the volume of traffic. It’s safe to say that the sale was a success and sold out in seconds.

Meizu haven’t offered the MX3 at such a low price for international customers (yet) but at least the servers handling the stores are still online meaning phones are still available worldwide.

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