Meizu claims to have gathered 7.7 million pre-orders for the MX4

Meizu claims to have gathered 7.7 million pre-orders for the MX4

iphone 6 vs meizu mx4

The newest flagship launch from China, Meizu’s MX4 seems to have caught the fancy of a large number of people across the globe. Notice we use ‘across the globe’ because the MX4 is Meizu’s first phone that is going to be available to international customers, along with those in China, at launch.

The company claims to have gathered a staggering 7.7 million pre-orders for the device which was launched 10 days back at an event in Beijing. The MX4 is the world’s first MediaTek MT6595 powered device, and comes with a 20.7 mega-pixel Sony camera among other impressive specs. It was announced recently that the MX4 would cost from US$449 to international customers for the 16GB version, which was quickly followed by an announcement that said the price would include shipping and tax to a certain countries.

The announcement was made by Bai Yongxiang on Weibo, aka China’s Twitter. He wasn’t shy of taking a dig at Xiaomi as well, saying that the company would be feeling pressure with Meizu’s expanding presence.

WATCH: Meizu MX4 hands-on

Meizu is looking to expand into a lot of other markets, something which the Chinese company hadn’t been very open to in the recent years. However, success stories of brands like Xiaomi, OPPO et al seem to have inspired the company.


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  • iKosh

    Can anyone tell me the price of the MX3 at meizumart.they require login to view products.

    • ca876

      M4 is 449/489 16/32g models
      M3 is 399/429/469 for 16,32,64g models M4 is a no brainer
      I want to know what 4g bands the China M4 has ..
      Will the China M4 work on o2 UK 800?
      Will the China M4 work on 3g in UK, I assume so but am not sure
      Also when will the Pro 2k version be released?

      • Rob

        Well according to Pandawill who reckon they have it in stock right now, 3g bands are 850/900/1900/2100MHz so will defo work in UK.

        4g bands are 1800/1900/2100/2300/2600MHz. Resellers are notorious for getting these things wrong though so would double check before ever parting with any cash!

        • balcobomber25

          Never go by the specs listed on a re-seller website, always verify it with the actual manufacturer or a reputable site. They me be right on Pandawill but always double check before ordering.

  • Juxhit

    Very fanny, I did the pre order crap, but did not pay for the phone, price to high for internashinal.

    • Tamara Dilshan

      Learn to write you kumquat.

      • Someone from China

        Stop insulting kumquats! I love that lovely little fruit!

  • Andrew P

    Can someone explain why this piece of art is called overpriced ? Then Apple and Samsung should be called super turbo ultra overpriced crap ?

    • Barry

      Read the articles, the reasons are clearly stated

    • desponent

      >There are other more overpriced crap
      >Therefore this is not overpriced
      That logic

      • ufg

        It’s actually not overpriced, is the point. It’s priced more than it costs in China, but in western markets $450 is still a bargain for such a well made phone

        • desponent

          That’s only true if this is the only phone you could buy from China.

          • ufg

            It is a lot cheaper when you buy the chinese version from a reseller. I think Pandawill had it for $380 IIRC

    • balcobomber25

      I paid $450 for my Nubia Z7, had I not bought that I would have gladly paid $449 for this beauty. A lot of flagship Chinese phones have finally caught up to Korea, Japan and America in terms of quality and performance. $449 for an unlocked phone is still a lot less than what most of those countries charge for theirs.

  • intruda

    Bought from third party. No custom fees/taxes for usa on cellphones. Free dhl shipping for $350 32gb version.

    When I tried to do warranty on my mx3 they told me to buy another phone. So no point in buying from manufacturer.

    • vhd

      can you tell me form what store did you buy your phone? 350$ for 32g + free dhl !! seems a great deal!

      • intruda

        Aliexpress. Need to check your custom laws/rules.

        • Borey

          can you give link to the shop on aliexpress?

          • intruda
            • vhd

              hey man be careful about this seller, he is new and have very few feedbacks, and his price is suspiciously low, dhl is only about 50$…

            • intruda

              Unless I’m missing something with my previous aliexpress transactions, aliexpress holds the funds until I confirm they are good. Bought similar items before without issue.

              Dhl shipping is roughly $30 usd. Current item I’m waiting for only taking 3 days vs my free package that’s taking 3 weeks.

            • vhd

              Please notify me when you got your new phone…

              i am going to buy from this seller

  • roni

    oneplus one costs 370$, much cheaper and faster.

    • ufg

      I assure you in no way is the OnePlus One faster than the MX4. If you prefer OnePlus One, sure, but it doesn’t make MX4 buyers wrong in their purchase

      • Sere83

        Hmmm, very questionable. The Snapdragon 801 GPU is a better GPU than the Power VR in the MT6595, also the one plus has 3 GB or ram. And there is no evidence at all the MT6595 can outpace or outperform the Snapdragon. Qualcomms support and GPS is far superior too.

        • ufg

          I don’t know if I would attribute RAM to speed of a phone, although it certainly helps when there are lots of tasks running at once. But I probably should revise my statement and say “in no way other than RAM amount”
          I think the Adreno 330 is probably pretty similar to that PowerVR GPU, although I think you’re right in that it would be a little better.
          There is evidence that the MT6595 CPU can outpace the Snapdragon, but it’s not very solid. Going by logic, 4xA17 CPUs at 2.2GHz alone should be able to perform on par with a Snapdragon 800, seeing as it’s a newer core type with a similar clock speed, and when 4xA7s at 1.7GHz are added into the mix it should easily keep up with the 801, if not outperform it. The other evidence is the MT6595 reference design, which scored 47,000 on AnTuTu. Now, AnTuTu is not a very reliable benchmark but when it is considered that that reference phone had a 1440p screen, I find it quite compelling.
          Support and GPS may be better in the past, but I doubt a company like Meizu would skimp on these. Besides, Support and GPS does not contribute to the speed of a phone anyway.

          • Sere83

            Well 3Gb ram will obviously help being able to avoid slowdowns if you have multiple apps open. MTK always like to make big benchmark claims bit in real world they are never quite as fast as they say, although normally quite close. It’s also worth noting that the krait 400 cores on snapdragon cpu’s are not the same as normal A15 and have certain performance enhancing features and low level customisations. I think the MT6595 does look interesting but falls short GPU wise especially in comparison to the new iPhones GPU and the Adreno 420 in the new Snapdragon 805. MTK also has a terrible rep with regards to GPS, a fair few of the older cpus like the MT6589 and 6582 all have issues in that department. They also don’t distribute source code or provide much info about their support for future android versions which is a bit worrying. I would have prefered it if meizu had gone qualcomm to be honest. The Oneplus is also significantly cheaper, esepcially for international customers and includes NFC and extra LTE bands that the MX4 will not. I love the MX4 design though.

    • balcobomber25

      One plus is also very hard to order right now, as for it being faster that is subjective until someone does a side by side review of the two.

  • Airyl

    I’d buy it to be honest.

  • Kingu Prima

    is it 4G compliant with Israel network ?

  • jax d