Meizu MX4 Pro will be larger than the MX4 confirm spy photos

There have been disputing facts concerning the Meizu MX4 PRO with some sources saying the same 5.4-inch display and others a larger 5.5inch. An actual spy photo suggests the latter.

Sat next to the rear of the Meizu MX4, the MX4 Pro is a few mm long than the Mediatek version. As the current MX4 has a 5.36-inch display this could mean a size of up to 5.5-inches.

Using the “ruler” on the screen method of measuring it also appears the MX4 Pro is wider than the MX4. If we are looking at a slightly longer and wider body with 5.5-inch display we should also be getting similar narrow bezel design.

What we would love to know is does this size keep in true with Meizu’s usually 15:9 screen ratio or will be seeing something more conventional for their Pro level product.

The Meizu MX4 Pro is rumoured to have a 2K display, Samsung octacore processor, 3GB RAM and built in fingerprint scanner. The release date is rumoured to be sometime next month.

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  1. ufg
    October 31, 2014

    “Usually 16:9”? Edit your posts for once, god damnit!

  2. whyudumfuksdodis
    October 31, 2014

    it is going to suck