More Meizu teasers, another leak and is $522 really the price of the MX4 Pro

meizu mx4 pro password

While the team at Meizu are more than likely busy preparing for tomorrows launch, media in China have been cruising the teasers and leaks which might suggest a lower price point.

Meizu in China have been posting a steady slew of leaks over the past few days (see them all below in the gallery). The different images have all asked questions pointing at the specs many thought the MX4 Pro would have. The ask questions such as “is a 13 mega-pixel camera enough for a pro?, “is 1080p enough for Pro?” Etc. Obviously they have been designed to hint that the specs will be higher.

Meizu MX4 Pro Teaser Gallery

Today’s teaser asks is $522 is the price of the MX4 Pro, well actually it asks is 3199 Yuan is enough, the dollar price will surely be different as Chinese and international pricing continues to be different.

In this case we can’t imagine that Meizu are suggesting a higher price point, and believe we might be in for a surprise for the phone. In the lead up to the Mx4 launch many fans leaks suggested a 2499 Yuan price yet the phone was released for 1799 Yuan. Could the MX4 Pro be priced closer to the 2000 Yuan mark?

In addition to the teasers we have two more purported leaked photos of the Meizu MX4 Pro, both showing that rectangle home button where it is believed a fingerprint scanner will be held.

The Meizu MX4 Pro will be launched tomorrow and we will be there to get our hands on the phone first.

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