Xiaomi Redmi Note vs. Meizu m1 note: Take your pick!

The Redmi Note from Xiaomi reigned for many a month. With a price tag of close to US$160, the phablet not only packs some powerful hardware, but also offers great usability that comes with the MIUI ROM that Xiaomi employ. Finally, the device is being challenged by the fresh Meizu m1 note, which happens to be priced similarly, and also have the same screen size. However, there’s some differences between the two devices, which we shall discuss in this article.

Redmi Note vs. m1 note: Specifications

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Redmi Note vs. m1 note: Display

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Both phones have 5.5-inch screens. However, although the size is the same, a huge difference lies in the technology used to make the panels, and the resolution. The Redmi Note has a 720p HD display, which is an IPS LCD panel. On the other hand, the Meizu m1 note trumps the competition with an IGZO panel with a 1920 x 1080p full HD resolution. One might argue that there isn’t much to choose from between an HD and a full HD panel, but when it’s a 5.5-inch screen you’re talking about, the difference is in front of your eyes.

Thus, it would be safe to say that the Meizu m1 note wins on the display aspect.

Redmi Note vs. m1 note: Processor


The Redmi Note comes in two flavours, i.e., one with a MediaTek MT6592 octa-core processor, and the other with a quad-core Snapdragon 400 CPU. The m1 note comes with an octa-core MediaTek MT6752 SoC, which adopts a 64-bit architecture instead of the standard 32-bit. Although the general performance of this new MediaTek chip is yet to be seen, the consensus is that it is going to be better than the MT6592 and other older MediaTek chips we’ve seen in the past. Therefore, picking one on the basis of the SoC used is a bit of a task now, but we have a strong feeling the m1 note will be the victor in the end.

Redmi Note vs. m1 note: Camera, Battery, etc.


Again, the on-paper specifications of the two devices are nearly identical. Both phablets have a 13 mega-pixel rear camera coupled with a 5 mega-pixel front. Xiaomi’s Redmi series does pretty darn well with their cameras, more so than you would expect. Meizu is no mug either; in fact, the company has really stepped up its camera game since the launch of the Meizu MX2. The m1 note camera is yet to be tested though, so this aspect needs to be held till the time we have an m1 note in our hands.

The Redmi Note has a 3200mAh battery, while the m1 note comes in a shade shorter with a 3140mAh one. Meizu has however given design a more serious consideration, which is why the m1 note has a non-removable battery, while the Redmi Note allows you to remove and swap batteries. Sure, usability wise, the Redmi Note wins; but then there are users that prefer build and design over a non-removable battery, which is where the m1 note is expected to shine.

Another thing worth noting is that the m1 note has non-expandable storage, while the Redmi Note can take microSD cards to bump up storage.

Redmi Note vs. m1 note: Pricing

Both phones are neck and neck at the CNY 999 mark. However, because of the fact that the Redmi Note has been on the market for a while now, it is pretty easy to get hold of by now. On the other hand, Meizu’s phones aren’t yet as popular as its Xiaomi counterparts, which is why there’s generally a premium the buyer has to pay to be an owner of a Meizu. The company has been trying hard to try and reach customers through its online store, but then the costs of shipping and VAT add up to quite a bit, especially on the official Meizu international store. Thus, you have to give it to Xiaomi for a slightly better supply chain (even though the work is done by resellers here).

Redmi Note vs. m1 note: Verdict

It is pretty clear that the Redmi Note is a more flexible device than the Meizu m1 note. In the sense, it allows you to expand storage, swap batteries, etc. However, if you look back, Meizu phones have looked way better than Xiaomi ones, even though both are accused of being inspired by the same American company. In the end, it lies in your hands; you have to pick between what’s on offer, considering what you need the most.

It’s quite an interesting battle this one, between the Redmi Note and the m1 note. Meizu have finally realized they can’t be lazy if they want to be a household name. Xiaomi, on the other hand, have been proactive with their expansion lately.

What do you think? Design of the m1 note vs. the usability of the Redmi Note? Do let us know in the comments section below.

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