Xiaomi saying tomorrows launch is not the Mi5 in latest teaser

not 5

Less than a day to go and the speculation and teasers continue with Xiaomi giving more hints about their upcoming flagship. It won’t be the Xioami Mi5.

One of the most enduring rumours about tomorrows Xiaomi launch is that we will see the launch of the Mi5. It’s a rumour we haven’t subscribed to as it is simply to early to release a replacement to the Mi4, and it seems today the Xiaomi are confirming that too!

The above image, posted on Xiaomi’s Weibo, says “NOT 5”, the Chinese text with the image also confirms that the words are “NOT 5” (不是小米5) . So Xiaomi are not launching a Xiaomi Mi5 tomorrow? Then what will we see?

Well the wording can easily be read as “Note” which confirms our feeling that we will see a high-end phablet in Beijing tomorrow, the “5” also happens to look like an “S” which could point to more than one flagship phablet released!

It has been a long time that a phone maker has managed to wrap a launch in so much mystery, only Xiaomi know what they have planned and we cannot wait to see the full details. Keep posted for the launch news as it happens tomorrow.


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