Next Google Nexus smartphone could be powered by the Kirin 930

huawei kirin 920 antutu

At around the same time last year, the world was abuzz with rumours about a $100 Nexus phone that was believed to be cooking with a MediaTek SoC. It turns out the rumours weren’t far off from the real deal, which was in fact an all-new smartphone program Google called Android One.

Fast forward on year, and we’ve found ourselves talking about a new Nexus phone again. This time though, it is what we’re expecting to be the real deal and not a sub-program. The next Nexus (whatever it be called), is expected to feature a Huawei HiSilicon Kirin 930 chipset. This did come as a surprise to us as well, since Huawei’s custom solutions aren’t known as the best ones for developer support; perhaps Google (and Huawei) want to change that with the next Nexus.

With the 64-bit revolution already taking effect, it would only make sense for Google to go with something that is built on the 64-bit platform. The Kirin 930 which has eight 64-bit cores @2.0GHz sounds like a decent choice, but it would also be a bit of a gamble.

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