Fake: Spy images of a OnePlus One running Windows Phone

Update: It has been correctly pointed out that this is NOT Windows running on the OPO but an Android launcher. This is not the first time @leaksfly has posted questionable news and this will certainaly be the last time we use them as a source.

OnePlus has been fairly busy planning their actions after the whole fiasco between them and CyaongenMod. They’ve announced that the OnePlus Two will be released in the 2nd or 3rd quarters of this year, they’ve been working on their own ROM for the OnePlus One and they’re even been planning to release some sort of gaming device or peripheral next month. Yet they apparently still have something else up their sleeves.

An image of what is supposedly a OnePlus One running on Windows Phone has been leaked recently. This isn’t the first time we’ve seen an Android device running Windows as we just recently saw the unreleased ZTE Nubia Z9 running the operating system as well. Aside from that, Xiaomi has been rumored to also be in talks with Microsoft about releasing a Windows download for the Mi4.

This is some very exciting news, and could help Microsoft’s Windows Phone platform compete with it’s main competitor, Android. What do you think? Will this change of strategy benefit Microsoft? And how do OEMs like Xiaomi, Lenovo and possibly OnePlus benefit from this?

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