Elephone Halo is their most unique phone to date

elephone halo

Elephone are preparing to launch a new phone named the Halo, that is their most unique design to date.

Very little is known about the Elephone Halo’s specification, although it is likely to follow the Mediatek 64bit formula and that it is rumoured to launch sometime in April.

As you can see the design of the Halo is rather interesting especially from the rear which shows a multicoloured panel design. In actual fact Elephone have been inspired by JBL and have covered the rear of the Halo with multicoloured LED lights. The idea being that the LED’s follow the beat of music to create attractive patterns, we also assume that Elephone have added notification support to the rear panel too, and hope that the LED’s will react to external music sources too.

The Elephone Halo is certainly a novel idea, but is it one that you are likely to want from your Android smartphone?

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