Ramos Mos1: Well-known Chinese tablet maker’s first smartphone

Ramos Mos1: Well-known Chinese tablet maker’s first smartphone


If you’ve been a Chinese tech enthusiast for a few months or more, chances are that you’ll have heard about Ramos, which is quite a known name in the tablet space in China and otherwise.

Ramos is in the news today not for another one of its tablets, but for its first ever smartphone — the Ramos Mos1. The company has clearly focused on design, and that shows. This also means that the Mos1 wouldn’t be vying for space in the flagship category, for it is powered only by the Snapdragon 615 chipset, usually seen on entry-level to mid-range phones of late.

Here is what the Ramos Mos1 comes with:

  • 5.5-inch 1920 x 1080p FHD display
  • Snapdragon 615 octa-core 64-bit SoC
  • 2GB RAM
  • 32GB on-board storage
  • Android 5.0 Lollipop (overlaid by MOSUI)
  • 13 mega-pixel rear camera
  • 5 mega-pixel front facing camera
  • 3050mAh battery

The Mos1 almost shares its specs sheet with the Xiaomi Mi 4i (review). However, as mentioned before, it is design and build that are the USP of the Mos1 as opposed to price for the Mi 4i. But I’m not sure if that warrants a 1999 Yuan or US$322 price tag; phones like the LeTV Le 1 X600 are available in China for as low as 1499 CNY (US$241), so there perhaps isn’t enough reason for buyers to flock JD.com on August 10th to buy the Mos1.

What say?

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  • Very nice phone but wrong SoC.

    • ljan ryan

      I agree!

  • G’n’T

    A bit too expensive for an SD615…

    • AdM

      That’s exactly what i thought.

  • AJ

    Sad to hear that a chipset equivalent to iron box is powering the phone.

  • Brooklyn701

    The Mos1s USP is not the Design, or not only. The Battery is supposed to deliver much more on time per mAh. It is a new technology which makes a smaller capacity last longer. If that is true or not, that’s for reviews and others to judge. But it should be mentioned….

  • Rohith Iyer

    Too expensive…

  • MaxPower

    i can’t really explain why they are trying to push hard SD615.
    It would make sense for international market where average people are used to Qualcomm phones but in China Mediatek phones are very praised so I’m sure that if you take some of the best made mid-rangers like MI4i,Z9 mini or this one and put a Mediatek SoC, then it would sell n-times more than the Qualcomm option

    • joe montdsad

      They are likely cheaper than Mediatek.

      • MaxPower

        do you think so?

        • Paap Mrittu

          May be SD615 is more suitable for developers than Mediatek.

          • MaxPower

            still doesn’t explain it business-wise.

            i don’t think all the buyers are developers. i know i don’t have any data to handle but the demand seems going towards mediatek rather than Qualcomm.

            • jalebi Singh

              maybe ramos is planning to go international soon? This would be a steal if it had MT6795 or be at least worth it with a MT6752, i will admit

            • MaxPower

              Good call, i didn’t think about it.

  • amirexpressir

    Can complain about the Soc, but we knew that ramos isn’t aiming for cheaper price tag just like their tablets….hope the reviews will be satisfactory, just like “green orange” or similar brands with high price tag