Breaking: Oppo Find 9 will launch 19th September

Breaking: Oppo Find 9 will launch 19th September

oppo find 9

We were all about to give up hope of a new flagship from Oppo, but news today reveals the Oppo Find 9 will be announced in Beijing on the 19th September.

The last time we saw an Oppo Flagship launch was early last year and the release of the Oppo Find 7. That launch event saw two versions of the Find 7 launched with either 2K or FHD panels. The standard 1080p Find 7a model went on to become the basis of the OnePlus One.

Oppo have since launched the camera centric Oppo N3, and a bunch of ultra thin phones, the most recent being the R7 and R7 Plus, but what we have all really been waiting for is the Oppo Find 9.

The news of the Oppo Find 9 launch was broken by Weibo tipster @Kjuma, who posted a teaser image stating the 4G equipped Find 9 would release in Beijing on the 19th September.

The lack of Oppo Find 9 news, leaks and this sudden announcement mean we know very little about the new phone so we leave it to our gut and analysts to fill in the blanks.

Specs for the Oppo Find 9 are likely to include 4GB RAM, 2K display, 21 mega-pixel main camera, fingerprint scanner and Snapdragon 810 processor. What we are really interested in is if the Find 9 and OnePlus 2 are related to each other like last years phones.

What are you hoping for from the next Oppo? Let us know in the comments below.

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  • Reggie

    yes yes yess, im waiting for this phone, i hope the phone dont have the BIG BLACK FRAME

    • Dante

      It wont lol the find 7 had slim bezels

  • E8hffff

    mmm the 19th of Sept, 2015…

  • R. Tina

    4GB RAM, 2K display, 21 mega-pixel main camera, fingerprint scanner and Snapdragon 810 processor, NICE

    • spoffle

      2560×1440 isn’t 2K…

  • MickyLo

    hope it is a good phone

  • noneofthem

    The 810 doesn’t even show up on that sheet, so it’s more likely to be the Snapdragon 820 this time, I’d guess.

    Then again, I don’t speak Chinese. 😀

    • It won’t be the 820. That will not appear until next year.

    • HBK

      Ill be happy to see Helio x20 instead of SD810.
      Acer Predator 6 seems like a good one.

      820 is just aint ready yet. MWC16 is when we will see 820 powerd phones.

    • Allanitomwesh

      Snapdragon 820 wont show up at least until CES next year,and i d say in actual shops maybe March or April

  • Airyl

    Oppo has been pretty disappointing lately. Hopefully this will help them get back up.

    • Simon

      Will there be custom roms ?

  • eliHd

    oppo makes good camera phone but their software up update is crap

  • balcobomber25

    If I was betting man I would say it will look like the OnePlus 2 with some minor cosmetic changes and 2k screen.

    • Dante

      Clearly no because oppo is still the big brother – and now oneplus made their own design

      • balcobomber25

        We shall soon see if they made their own design or if it was co designed with OPPO just like the One was.

      • balcobomber25

        And you no for certain that Oneplus made their own design? You were there for the entire R&D phase and saw that OPPO wasn’t also designing the Find 9 alongside them?

        • Dante

          Well see … uhm right

    • spoffle

      2560×1440 isn’t 2K

      • balcobomber25

        It’s not true 2K but it is in the industry standard to refer to 1440p displays as 2k.

        • spoffle

          It’s not 2K at all. Anyone who calls it 2K is incorrect. It’s not an industry standard either.

          • balcobomber25

            Actually it is and even though it is technically wrong it used all the time, just like the term OEM is often used incorrectly. But whatever you say in your quest to be right.

            • spoffle

              It’s not right in any way at all. 2K is 2048×1080 and nothing else.

              Incorrect usage doesn’t prove it’s right, that’s a logical fallacy.

            • balcobomber25

              “2K is 2048×1080 and nothing else”. It sure is but in this industry 2k and 1440p are used interchangeably no matter how wrong it is. You can argue about the “logical fallacy” till you are the blue in the face but it’s not going to stop tech bloggers and even companies themselves from using the two interchangeably. Here is a small sampling on the numerous times it is used (even though technically incorrect) around the internet:

              “Samsung’s eventual adoption of 2K QHD 2560 x 1440 AMOLED smartphone displays comes as no real shock” – Techradar

              “At the Semiconductor and Display Technology Roadmap Seminar 2014 today Samsung announced that it was producing QHD 2K displays, which are capable of displaying at a resolution of 2560 x 1440 pixels.” – Android Headlines

              “It’s already pretty certain that the Samsung Galaxy S5 will feature a 2K 2560 x 1440p QHD resolution display” – Trusted Reviews

              “Ultra-large 5.6” Super AMOLED 2K with unique curved edge display( Edge Screen)” – Samsung website

              “5.7-inch Quad HD (2K) Super AMOLED” – Samsung website

              “LG G4’s 2K screen” – Stuff

              When nearly every tech blog and one of the largest display manufacturers in the world uses QHD and 2k interchangeably (no matter how technically incorrect it is) it becomes industry standard. I could past about 10,000 more examples of nearly every smartphone and display manufacturer using the two interchangeably.

            • spoffle

              As I said, incorrect usage doesn’t prove it right. It just shows how willing some tech journalists are to regurgitate incorrect rubbish.

            • balcobomber25

              As I said, it has become industry standard regardless of the technical definition. Sharp, LG, Samsung, JDI and Funai (among several others) are some of the largest display manufacturers in the world, they all use 2K and QHD interchangeably. They have a lot more say on the terminology than you or I do. You can argue till your blue in the face about what is correct/incorrect it’s not going to stop 2k and QHD from being used together.

            • spoffle

              It still doesn’t mean it’s correct.

            • balcobomber25

              Never said it was correct but it is the accepted terminology.

            • spoffle

              Nope. You’re just encouraging stupidity.

            • balcobomber25

              You’re just denying reality.

  • NightFelix

    Packed this with NFC and put OnePlus Two to shame.

  • HBK

    Camera and Fingerprint scanner from the Oppo N3. + OIS.
    Keep the skyline notification and vooc 2.0.

    Every other specs similar to oneplus 2. Add Micro SD, NFC, Better audio chip, And we have a True Flagship. (Would love to see SD820 but that aint happening).

    P.S – Just saw sony launch a 4K smartphone. JDI panel some sources claim. Oppo was one of the 1st with 2K, so wont be a shocker i think.
    Personaly, I would like a 1080p or 2K at most.

  • Zdenda PH

    any news ???? today is the 19 sept.


    it’s seems that no launch Oppo find 9

  • Ian

    Which year?

  • spoffle

    2560×1440 isn’t 2K.