UMi confirm liquid metal body for UMi Zero 2

umi zero 2

The UMi Zero 2 has been reported on in a couple of leaks, the newest confirms the phone will have a liquid metal body.

So far UMi Zero 2 rumours have included the possibility of a dual screen design, a leather rear panel, and now the use of a liquid metal alloy body. Liquid metal sounds rather cool , but it won’t mean your smartphone will flow through your fingers and melt across the floor. Instead liquid metal is a type of alloy which share its certain properties with glass.

Liquid metal doesn’t have a metal point as such but slowly become easier to mould at higher temperatures. This allows the metal to be moved around in to intricate moulds and create exciting new designs. Liquid metal can also be cooled much faster than traditional alloy. While a regular metal will become brittle if cooled quickly, keep their properties intact.

In the hand a liquid metal product will feel much like a regular metal product, but resists bending much metal than metal.

Doogee have also release Liquid Metal phones, and we have seen other phone makers use the material too, but the Zero 2 will be the first for UMi.

In addition to the use of Liquid Metal the UMi teaser also shows us that Leather rear panel on the Zero 2 once again begging the question “what happened to the dual display?”. Either UMi are releasing 2 versions of the UMi Zero 2, or the dual display idea has been dropped.

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