UMi explain UMi Zero 2 will be durable by confirming the original Zero wasn’t

umi zero 2

We’ve seen some odd marketing strategies, but this latest email from UMi has got to be one of the strangest. In an attempt to tell fans how strong the Zero 2 will be, UMi admit the original UMi Zero was easy to break.

It’s not uncommon for a phone maker to make a mistake. Usually the mistake is either fixed and then the company quickly moves on, or they ignore it and quickly move on. What’s isn’t common though is to bring up past mistakes when promoting new products.

For example you don’t hear of VW promoting how environmentally friendly their cars are by saying something along the lines of “Buy our new VW because the one you own now is terrible for the environment”.

That’s kind of what we have here today. UMi have sent out emails to the media with the title “UMi Zero 2 bezel to be the most durable you have seen in the market” then attached images of a broken UMi Zero chassis with phrases like;

The bezel of UMi Zero was far from durable

To be honest we hadn’t heard of people complaining about the durability of the original UMi Zero’s frame, but it is good to know that there was in fact an issue and UMi aren’t afraid to hide it.

Anyway, what UMi want is for us to concentrate on the Zero 2 and they have added a few details about it. They say that the Zero 2 will posses the strongest bezel ever to be seen in the smartphone market, and that we might see the handset running Android 6.0 Marshmallow.

The Zero 2 is also said to come with a dual screen design, and also a rear leather panel (meaning there could be two versions of the phone released), not launch date or pricing have been announced at this time, but you can keep an eye on the UMi Facebook page for more info.

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