OnePlus 3 render gives away design (and it’s nothing new)

We’ve had more than our fair share of OnePlus 3 leaks over the past few weeks, but who minds another?

So this time around, we have an alleged press render of the phone leaked by @evleaks. What’s new? Nothing. Well, that if you’ve seen the previous leaks of the phone.

It’s the same HTC-Apple-ish design with the antenna lines running at the back and a fingerprint sensor that sits on the home button (capacitive?). The one thing that you can take away from this render though is the new silver color, that does make the phone look slick.

OnePlus 3 render

Besides, the leak has a couple other additions: one of a 3000mAh battery (we don’t buy that yet), and the display being AMOLED.

OnePlus 3 to ditch the removable rear cover?

Metal is quite the in thing in the phone industry right now (it is perhaps the one thing that’s managed to stay ‘in’ for a couple of years). So it is no surprise that the OnePlus 3 is an all-metal unibody phone. The OnePlus One and the OnePlus 2 had removable rear covers, and it seems as though the 3 won’t follow suit.

As for the specs, it is going to be a Snapdragon 820 phone. More info here.

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