#Brexit: OnePlus 3 to be dearer by £20, to cost £329 in the UK

OnePlus have always maintained that they work on wafer-thin margins. Given that their phones cost quite a bit lesser compared to similarly-spec’d devices from other companies, we do tend to take their word on that.

Given the recent instability in European markets (courtesy UK’s withdrawal from the EU), there’s been a drop in the value of the Pound. So much so that OnePlus have had to give the OnePlus 3 a hike in its price in the UK.

Starting July 11, the OnePlus 3 will cost £329 in the UK, up by £20 from its original £309 price tag. The OnePlus 3 was announced for $399, and costs 27,999 INR in India — some perspective.

That said, the accessories will continue to cost the same — there will be no change in the pricing of those. We’re currently testing out the OnePlus 3 and so far, it seems like a phone worth the $299 money. But £329? You decide. UK buyers can still get hold of a OnePlus 3 for the original £309 price before the 11th.

There’s also a red OnePlus 3 coming, read about it below.

Red OnePlus 3 could be coming soon

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