Meizu launches analogue Meizu Mix watch

meizu mix

Rumours of a Meizu smartwatch have come to life today as Meizu launch the Mix analogue smartwatch.

This isn’t the first time that Meizu have tried to offer a wearable, but it is the first time that a Meizu branded wearable has hit the market and as we suspected it isn’t an Android Wear device (of for that matter anything remotely close).

The Meizu Mix looks like an analogue watch because that is what it is. It’s traditional design and choice of styling is going to appeal to those who don’t what to look like they are carrying around a lot of tech, but inside there are a few neat features.

Like the Elephone watch which launched earlier in the year, the Meizu Mix has a collection of LED lights, Bluetooth connection and offers simple sports tracking data and notification alerts. Where as the Elephone used disposable batteries the Meizu Mix has a built in 270mAh battery good for a claimed 20 days of use.

meizu mix

We’re hoping that the quality of the Meizu Mix is up to scratch as the rather limited smartwatch isn’t at all cheap considering the features it has to offer. Pricing starts off at 1000 Yuan for a silver and denim version, rising to 1300 Yuan for the leather model and topping out at 1500 Yuan for a metal strap version.

Meizu will only be releasing the Mix if it meets it’s crowdfunding target, and then the wearable will be available from October.

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