How exactly works the retina scanner in Homtom HT10?

The new Homtom HT10 model is already available in the market so we know it can offer a special security feature with its retina scanner. This scanner uses the improved eye recognition scanning technology, similar to the one used in Samsung Note 7.

And people in Homtom are keen to enlighten us about the scanning process and how exactly it works. The retina scanning in general is a very safe and secure authentication method, because every single person has it unique.

The retina scanner is using a complex algorithm capable of identifying up to 266 recognition points so it’s more precise than the other biometric security methods. It’s also able to unlock the device as quickly as in 0,3s and works even in low light and for people wearing glasses.

Aside of the retina scanner Homtom HT10 is also pretty unique with its vast 4G network band support, because for once it’s really global. We can find the European B3/B7/B20, African B1/B3/B7, North American B4/B17, Latin American B2/B4/B7, Asian B1/B3/B7 or Oceanic B1/B2/B4.,

So check out the promo video and if it would make the phone appealing to you then you can grab the Homtom HT10 in a special sale for $199.99 here.

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