UMI Plus battery secrets revealed

UMI Plus

Battery life is  the real nemesis for all of us mobile phone users, because it can turn even the most powerful and cool phone into a brick in the worst moments possible. So it’s now wonder the manufacturers are trying to focus on it and of course hype it, ideally beforehand just like UMI is doing with their new UMI Plus model.

They seem to be pretty confident about the battery performance of the UMI Plus and even went into all the details to provide some facts. Hardware-wise the battery has a 4000 mAh capacity and it’s manufactured with Sony cells, high density 690Wh/L unit. They claim two days of battery should on a single charge, but of course that’s highly individual depending on the strain so we have to see the real tests. But another interesting claim is that after 900 charges the battery still retains 80 % of the capacity, sounds promising.


The good battery performance is allegedly also affected by the custom UMI Tri-control Charge Technology 3.0, where the three IC chips control and adjust voltages and other stuff to keep the battery cooler and more durable. And of course the UMI Plus PE+ quick charge support is also a good thing to have, although usually the quick charge supports actually slightly degrade the battery long term life.


And of course the software side of things can’t be neglected either so the UMI Plus is featuring some extra saving battery modes for the best results in the field. All in all we are quite curious how the UMI Plus will fare in real world tests, because on paper it looks good. But you know how that goes sometimes…

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