LeEco looking to enter the US market this October

LeEco event

Chinese manufacturer LeEco don’t seem to have their hands in enough markets, apparently.Ā They began with video streamingĀ & internet services to then produce smartphones and TV’s. They have gone as far as makingĀ self-drivingĀ electric cars, if that doesn’t show how ambitious they are, what else can?

Well,Ā they now decided to also enter the US market! It’s not official yet butĀ on October 19th they’ll be hosting a press conference in California and that could be when they’ll officially announce their presence in the US smartphone business.

LeEco event

LeEco isn’t totally anonymous in the US, though. Earlier this year LeEco opened a North American headquarterĀ in San Jose, California and then purchased a significant amount of undeveloped land from Yahoo. In addition to that, they also acquiredĀ TV manufacturer Vizio for $2 billion.

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As previously mentioned, the press event will take placeĀ on October 19th andĀ that’s everything we know thus far. We can only hopeĀ they’ll be launching the newly released LeEco Pro 3 in the US, a smartphone that would surely shake the market with its Qualcomm Snapdragon 821, 4GB of RAM and a price tag ofĀ $269, as opposite toĀ other flagship handsets costing over $600.Ā Probable candidates for a US launch include LeEco’s cost-efficient TVs.

LeEco event

While we’re waiting, what your thoughts on this move from LeEco?

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  1. Jh1
    October 1, 2016

    Looking forward to it. Would love to see le eco, xiaomi and a few others enter the US market.

  2. Here we go
    October 1, 2016

    Apple, samsung, tesla and google are bracing for impact. Finally a new contender (Le eCo / Faraday) that may shake things up. It’s like an all in one punch to them all. Get ready folks for a show down. Meaning….court actions, scandals, politics and price wars. All good for the next big thing. I’m seeing a joint venture or a buy to one of the states cell carrier or perhaps build a new wireless company to handle new demands. Automonous cars, cell, shopping and streaming would require a new and efficient wireless technology that would intergrate seeminglessly and most important security. LTE will be like 56k speed back in the days lol. I’m getting my popcorn and nachos ready.


  3. Sirrr
    October 2, 2016

    After this “big event”, maybe they will have the common sense to release the kernel sources for the LeTV Le 1 Pro US version. We are still on a buggy 5.0.2. They have ignored so far all the request from the community for a decent ROM.