Elephone S7 ‘sun screen’ mode light adjustment demo (Video)

Elephone S7

Elephone is flooding its YouTubeย channel with videos of how different features work on the upcoming Elephone S7; such as Eye mode, split-screen, E-touch 2.0 and video smoothing. Today, they have come out with a new video regarding the outside visibility of their smartphone and how to improve it with a simple setting.

Here’s the video:

As it always happens, when you’re outside and the sun hits the screen, you realize your beloved smartphone suffers the sunlight more than Superman the Kryptonite; so you bring the screen brightness to the maximum and it gets somewhat better.

Also worth noting is that the setting was turned on inside of the MiraVision settings, which means more MediaTek phones could be getting this feature soon.

Well, in addition to that, the Elephoneย S7 also uses a neat feature to improve screen contrast by using a pixel-level dynamic contrast adjustment technology, which also allows the screen use less power than traditional screens at full brightness.

The results are not Earth-shattering but it sure does look slightly better. Is that enough to make a difference? You be the judge!

Some info about the Elephone S7…

Elephone S7

The Elephone S7 has claimed to have already sold more than 50,000 units in the presale period only. The phone comes (in the top version) with an Helio X20 deca-core CPU, 4GB of RA and 64GB of internal storage. The Elephone S7 also distinguishes itself for its dual edge curved screen and elegant design.

You can find the Elephone S7 in the cheapest configuration starting at $137.99 on their website here.

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