LeEco selling $250 million Silicon Valley property to battle cash crunch

LeEco selling $250 million Silicon Valley property to battle cash crunch


Chinese smartphone manufacturer LeEco’s financial condition is in dire straits. Facing a cash crunch, LeEco is planning to sell their 49-acre Silicon Valley property in the United States.

LeEco acquired the property from Yahoo in June last year. The deal went through at $250 Million and CEO Jia Yueting’s plans were to build the North American headquarters of LeEco at the Silicon Valley site.

Less than a year after purchasing the prime property, LeEco is planning to sell it to a relatively young Chinese Developer called Genzon Group for $260 Million, just $10 Million over the purchasing price.

This news comes in the wake of numerous staff lay offs in India as well as the United States. LeEco entered the Indian market with gusto and a huge stake but dwindling sales and market share caused a cash crunch which led to the lay off of 85 percent of LeEco’s staff in India.

The last few months have not been very pleasant for LeEco and it may take a while for the conglomerate to recover from the cash crunch. They may have to retreat back to China to stabilise their finances and repay existing debts before making a come back in the global market.

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  • Consumed by power hunger.
    Karma, biting of more than one can chew.

  • Chickens

    And I just bought a LeEco phone, lol. I hope it won’t be that bad update wise.

    • Karly Johnston

      It will be.

  • Muhammad Yasir

    damn … GET WELL SOON !

  • AHappyKoalaBear

    that’s what you get for thinking you’re apple, I would’ve bought a Leco phone if they sold a black phone with 3.5mm headphone jack, preferably with an amoled display

    • Ryuzaki Raiga

      they bough american tv brand vizio too. this is happen when they thought what works in china can works in usa which is hard because usa is basically running by chinese business enemy. chinese tactic is hard to use