Xiaomi Mi 6 front panels leak, it doesn’t look as expected

I admit that I was overwhelmed when some render images of the Xiaomi Mi 6 model appeared and secretly prayed that Xiaomi’s R&D would see and implement them in a strange surreal way. But I don’t believe in miracles, and after seeing these leaked front panels of the purported Mi 6, I lost all hope. 😉

So, according to today’s leak we have the chance to see the front glass panel of the Mi 6 in white and black color, along with certain small details about its hardware. From the images we can safely assume that the device will have an… average screen/body ratio with significant bezels on the top and bottom, along with an interestingly large Home button opening. This is where the ultrasonic fingerprint sensor will be housed in case you missed it.

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On the top of the front glass panels there are several holes, where perhaps an Iris Scanner will be placed, if rumors prove to be true. According to them, Xiaomi plans to use an iris recognition technology similar to the one Samsung featured on the Galaxy S8, in order to improve the security factor on the Xiaomi Mi 6.

There’s one last leaked image that shows the back of the device, and basically confirms the dual camera setup we all know so far, along with a curved design that looks sleek. Rumors insist that the upcoming model will be IP68 certified for water resistance, it will loose the 3.5mm audio jack but on the other hand it will have USB Type-C compatibility.

What do you think of the first image? Bulky or not?

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  1. Maximiliano On Line
    April 3, 2017

    Xiaomi lost me with those huge top and bottom bezels.

    • Dominó85
      April 4, 2017

      They are more useful, then You can ever imagine. You are just a techless bezelking nub. Go buy Samsung S8/+. Drop it once then go cry… Sadly these things are the so called innovations today… Be bezelless, all screen, small battery, fastest SoC… But noone make call sound improvements, more optimized OS. Do not search these at big brands. Huawei, Xiaomi, LeEco, OnePlus will be soon the only way for techgeeks. Because they make usefull improvements and innovations. Not like Samsung and Apple, the two GAY company, seems allwasy fighting, but selling hardware and others between eachother… Maximiliano ur a blind man.

      • Maximiliano On Line
        April 6, 2017

        I dont know what is your problem. I dont like big bezels because i like “small factor” smartphones which can fit completely in a pocket… go buy the giant OP3 so you must carry it in your woman’s handbag. the era of big bezels is ending, accept it. I dont like samsung, i never have one, but i like the thin bezels, much more handy.

      • Maximiliano On Line
        April 6, 2017

        And this is to prove that the thick edges will not save you from a drop:

        And what does that have to do that a phone has fine frames with the quality of the call or the optimization of the S.O.? you sound like a dinosaur…