Xiaomi Mi 6 first tear down video is up, shows how easy it is to fix it

With just 10 days after its official launch and several sold outs during this time, I think it’s time to see the first tear down video of the most beloved Xiaomi Mi 6, and find out how easy it is – for a professional – to fix it, in case something bad happens.

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The video – which is in Chinese by the way, so beware English speaking viewers- confirms that Xiaomi has done a really good job into manufacturing the device to be well built but also easy to fix. The back of the Mi 6 is quite easy to remove using the special prying tool in order for its internal hardware to appear. 

The correct way to do it is – according to the video as follows: first remove the NFC module, then the Mi 6 main board (that’s where the Snapdragon 835 SoC sits, along with its RAM, storage, battery and other vital hardware. Then the camera modules can be removed (all three of them –  2 in the back and one in front), along with the speaker, and others.

I don’t know if you’re into this type of videos, but it looks quite interesting for those who would like to see how easy it’s to fix such an expensive device, with minimal efforts.

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