GizPoll of the Week: Periscope Design Or A Notch, Which Do You Prefer?

From our last week poll, our voters prefer to have either a Xiaomi BlackShark gaming phone or the Razer Phone for their gaming needs. Asus ROG gaming phone also made the cut in the comments.

Today, we will be talking about the strong need for a “true” full-screen smartphone. The full-screen design got into the limelight last year and since then, hundreds of smartphones have tried to use this design. However, the need for multiple sensors to be placed either on the top or bottom chin of the display usually limits the display ratio of smartphones. With the advent of the on-screen fingerprint sensor which we have seen in a couple of devices, we can say that the bottom chin has been taken care of but what do we do about the top?

Late last year, Apple’s iPhone X popularized the notch design although this design has been used by Essential Phone many months before iPhone X arrived. The notch on the top display will host as many sensors as the OEM wants on the display and the screen-to-body ratio will still be quite high. However, this design seems to have fallen out of favour with consumers, especially the Android community.

OPPO Find X pop-up camera

Most recently, Chinese manufacturer, OPPO, came up with something innovative on its recently released OPPO Find X. The company used a slide-up camera which enables it to achieve a >90% screen-to-body ratio, the highest ever in the smartphone industry. OPPO’s approach involves the use of a dual-rail periscope structure that hides the phone’s 3D structured light sensor and the front/rear camera sensors in the up-sliding periscope that automatically pops up when the camera is launched. It takes only 0.6 seconds to launch which is not a long wait to unlock your phone or take a photograph. This design ensures that the top of the display has only a slender path to host the speaker thus you don’t have to launch the camera to take a call. Click HERE for more info on the periscope safety and performance.

Do you think this periscope structure takes care of the need for full-screen devices or would you rather stick with the notch design? Let us know your preferred choice in the poll below and if you have more to say, let us know in the comments.

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