Escobar Fold 2 is a SCAM! A Samsung Galaxy Fold with gold stickers

Several months ago we talked about Escobar Fold 2. The company behind this phone has finally sent the device to certain renowned people in the industry. Several YouTubers have received the device to analyze it, so they have revealed the secret of this device. We already told you that the strategy of the Escobar company was to scam users using a pyramid selling system. The device announced was clearly a Galaxy Fold with some modifications, so the price could not be about $399. Today we reveal the trick of the Escobar brand with its second device in the “market”.

The company is sending devices, but only to important users. Some YouTubers are receiving a unit to show it on their channels, although they themselves indicate that you should not buy it because normal users will not receive it even if they already paid for it.

The Escobar Fold 2 is a Galaxy Fold with golden stickers

Marques Brownlee is one of the Youtubers who has received this Escobar Fold 2 and tried to analyze it. The following video he has published gives us a clear idea of ​​the strategy of the company that has supplied this device.

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We already knew that it was identical to the Samsung Galaxy Fold, but it was unknown how they had made the changes abroad. After the video, it is perfectly clear that the Escobar Fold 2 is covered with stickers to mask his true identity.

These stickers show a Galaxy Fold without the Samsung brand and with the Escobar brand in a very significant golden color. It also shows different wallpapers right out of the box, although the icons remain from One UI.

Users can easily remove the stickers from Escobar Fold 2 and turn it back into a Galaxy Fold. You may think that it is a real bargain to buy this device for only $399, but the reality is that this company will keep your money and will never send the device. Well, if you say that you are an important YouTuber, maybe you could receive it.

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