Samsung Galaxy S20+ Ranks Tenth In DXOMARK, Scoring 118 Points

Samsung Galaxy S20+

Today, DXOMARK announced the Samsung Galaxy S20 + camera score – 118 points, ranking tenth. DXOMARK said that the Samsung S20+ is a smartphone with the outstanding camera performance. In many ways, its image quality is comparable to the more expensive Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra.

Samsung Galaxy S20+

In the DXOMARK camera ranking, the Samsung Galaxy S20+ ranked tenth with 118 points, which is 4 points away from the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra.

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The Samsung Galaxy S20+ scored 127 points for taking pictures and 100 points for videos. In contrast, the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra scored 132 points for photos and 102 points for videos.

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What Does DXOMARK Say About The Samsung Galaxy S20+?

If you are looking for a high-end camera phone produced by an incumbent manufacturer and at a lower price than a high-end flagship device, then the Samsung Galaxy S20+ will definitely meet these requirements. The S20+’s quad-camera configuration includes dedicated wide-angle, ultra-wide-angle, zoom, and bokeh sensors. And in many ways, its image quality is comparable to the more expensive Samsung S20 Ultra. The S20+’s ultra-wide-angle and bokeh sensors are particularly impressive, with excellent exposure and color in almost all lighting conditions. Autofocus is accurate and reliable. Although it is somewhat over-sharpened, the details are still quite good.

Samsung Galaxy S20+

That is to say, compared with the advanced processing technology widely used in high-end smartphones, the 12-megapixel standard sensor installed in the S20+ is slightly inferior in terms of noise or texture. The S20+’s zoom lens is also quite special. The high-resolution sensor allows the Samsung Galaxy S20+ to double record 8K video. If your movie requires that high resolution, this is a big advantage. However, when shooting static zoom photos, the S20+ cannot be compared with a telephoto lens model.

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