Huawei Cloud releases GaussDB (DWS) real-time data warehouse

On the HUAWEI CLOUD TechWave Big Data Special Day, HUAWEI CLOUD launched the intelligent data lake FusionInsight to meet the challenges of enterprise application of big data. It provides services such as data collection, storage, calculation, and management. The full cycle management solutions mainly include MRS big data, GaussDB (DWS) data warehouse, GES graph calculation, one-stop data operation platform DAYU, etc.

Huawei Cloud

Huawei Cloud Intelligent Data Lake FusionInsight has been widely used in government, finance, operators, large enterprises, Internet, and other industries, and has worked with more than 800 partners to provide services to more than 3000 government and enterprise customers in more than 60 countries and regions around the world.

Huawei Cloud

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In order to meet the real-time requirements of data warehouses in scenarios such as IoT, operation, and maintenance monitoring, HUAWEI CLOUD has released a new product, GaussDB (DWS) real-time data warehouse. Its advantages include high speed, easy to use, and economical. Here is what it offers

  • The single-machine storage performance of real-time data warehouse time series data supports continuous calculation and storage of 100,000 data per second and 600,000 stream data per second. Furthermore, it can easily expand linearly.
  • It supports complex stream computing semantics based on SQL, simplifying development. Take a scene monitored by Druid as an example, only 150 lines of SQL code are used to achieve the same function as the original 1900 lines of Druid script.
  • Achieved 1 = N. In one platform, Flink/Spark Streaming (streaming data processing) + Druid (streaming data pre-aggregation) + InfluxDB (time-series data processing) are implemented. The development, operation, and maintenance are also simplified.
  • Time series data undergoes an adaptive compression algorithm for real-time data warehouses, with a compression ratio of up to 40:1. It also optimizes multi-dimensional row and column storage and automatically partitions data between cold and hot temperatures. This greatly reduces storage space and saves user costs.
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Data Warehouse Service (DWS) is the cloud form of Huawei GaussDB. It is compatible with the standard ANSI SQL 99/2003 and PostgreSQL/Oracle ecosystems. Also, it provides state of the art PB-level big data analysis across a variety of industries.

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