LG G8X charger will also not be included in the box

Smartphone, cable – that’s all. This is the iPhone 12 package. This year, the company decided to take a gamble and cut the package. The headphones and the charging unit are considered unnecessary by default. Everything is served under the “sauce” of care for the environment and protection of nature. No charger, please buy it in addition. And if you want to charge iPhone 12 quickly at 20W, then even the included cable is not suitable for fast charging.

LG G8X charger will also not be included in the box

But, as experience shows, Apple has been a trendsetter more than once, and others are not ashamed to follow its example. Therefore, we do not exclude the possibility that in the future we will witness many manufacturers launching smartphones free of chargers and headphones from the delivery set. Some manufacturers have already excelled. Thus, Samsung sells the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra in the North American market without headphones and a protective case. Thank you for leaving the charger in place.

Apple’s “bad example” was contagious to LG. The company has removed the charger from the LG G8X ThinQ package for the Indian market. It was decided to sell such models during the holiday sale on Flipkart and this was done in order to lower the price tag on the smartphone itself. True, the savings look dubious; because users will have to buy a charger if they do not have a compatible one.

Apple removed chargers and earbuds from all iPhones, not just the iPhone 12

Apple introduced the iPhone 12, one of the features of which was the rejection of the traditional package. Thus, buyers of the iPhone 12 will have to buy their own charger and headphones separately. Furthermore! Apple’s official website has been revamped, and the now-available iPhone 11, iPhone SE and iPhone XR will also now ship with only the charging cable.

Apple argues this for environmental concerns. The official 20W power adapter costs $19, and the MagSafe wireless charging is $39.

The company says the move means it has to consume fewer raw materials for each iPhone sold. It also allows for a smaller retail box, which means 70 percent more units can fit on a single shipping pallet and reduce carbon emissions. Overall, Apple estimates the changes will cut over 2 million metric tons of carbon emissions annually, the equivalent of removing 450,000 cars from the road each year.

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