Nubia Red Magic 6 Passed 3C Certification, Hinting At Upcoming Launch

Red Magic 6

With the launch of the Snapdragon 888 flagship processor, gaming phones brands such as Black Shark, ROG, Red Devils, and Legion are expected to bring their own models this year. On January 19, a new Nubia model NX669J has obtained 3C certification. For average users, this code number doesn’t mean anything. But in fact, we are dealing with the upcoming Red Magic 6.

The 3C certification page shows that the charger inside the box of the Red Devil 6 supports 66W fast charging. Previously, the company confirmed that the Red Magic 6 supports 120W fast charging.

Red Magic 6

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This should mean that the Red Magic 6’ 120W fast charging head may be optional. We mean it may come with a 66W fast charging as standard but the maximum input power it supports is 120W. Another possibility is that the Red Magic 6 offers two options, a standard version and a high-end version. The high-end version may come with a 120W fast charging head.

Heat Dissipation Of Red Magic Series

As a new generation of e-sports smartphones developed by the Red Magic, the heat dissipation of the Red Magic 6 is also another important thing players are concerned about.

Prior to the Red Magic 3, the company took the lead in adopting active air cooling technology. Compared with the traditional liquid cooling, the built-in turbofan in the Red Magic can output more air volume in a smaller space and improve the heat dissipation effect.

The maximum speed of the built-in fan in the Nubia Red Magic 3 can reach more than 14,000 rpm. It is equivalent to ‘ventilating’ the heat dissipation duct inside the fuselage 50 times per second. Thus, it achieves the effect of not accumulating heat inside the fuselage.

As a new generation of Red Magic gaming smartphone, its heat dissipation performance is worth looking forward to. The new product should debut around February.

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