iPhone 12 mini Seems Not To Have Future (So Other Small-Screen Smartphones As Well)

Apple iPhone 12 mini

Though currently, the large-screen smartphones have a high popularity, small-screen smartphones have many fans as well. However, according to recent data from research institute Omdia, the annual sales of iPhone 12 were 23.3 million units, while the sales of iPhone 12 mini were only 14.5 million.

Specific data show that the iPhone 11 has become the best-selling smartphone in 2020, surpassing the iPhone 12 series, with sales of 64.8 million units.

The iPhone 12 series only came in the third quarter. Even if the popularity is strong, it cannot win the race with the iPhone 11, which has been on the market for a full year.

Apple iPhone 12 mini

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The 2020 iPhone SE is the next, with sales of 24.2 million units. The iPhone 12 shipped 23.3 million units throughout the year, ranking third. And the largest iPhone 12 Pro Max ranked seventh with 16.8 million units.

However, the cheapest iPhone 12 mini ranked tenth, becoming the worst-selling model of the iPhone 12 series.

No More Small-Screen Smartphones?

For this reason, some media have labeled the iPhone 12 mini a failure, and there are even reports that Apple will stop production in the second quarter of 2021.

Honestly, the performance of the iPhone 12 mini is indeed not as good as the other three models. Some users feel that small-screen smartphones are gradually losing their appeal, and the iPhone 12 mini is no different.

In fact, people who pursue small-screen smartphones are not overly limited by size, but like the experience of holding and controlling with one hand. From this point of view, users who like small screens pay more attention to user experience.

A small-screen smartphone like the iPhone 12 mini sacrifices battery life and performance. So it’s not much attractive to users.

In essence, the iPhone 12 mini is more like an amputated iPhone 12, rather than a light version of the iPhone 12.

Other manufacturers’ positioning of small-screen products is roughly equivalent to Apple’s strategy.

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