Android 13, Pixel 6a and Watch: Everything we expect from Google I/O 2022

Google I/O 2022

Dear Android enthusiasts, fans of the Google ecosystem of products, rejoice! After hard years, the Google I/O conference is back in its perfect grip. To those unaware, the annual conference was canceled back in 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Last year, Google decided to run a small, intimate, event to reveal its novelties. Now, however, with the COVID-19 pandemic pretty much controlled in the West, the search giant is back with the staged event. The Google I/O 2022 is gearing up to be one of the biggest ever for Google. After all, the company may use the event to disclose Android 13, a new affordable Google Pixel 6a, and to showcase the Google Pixel Watch after multiple delays. If you want to be ready, we are here with a depth article that brings everything you need to know about the event.

Google I/O 2022: Everything we expect

When exactly it will begin?

If you want to schedule the event on your calendar, the Google I/O 2022, starts on Wednesday, May 11th, at 1 PM ET. The event is set to run for a few days, but the big products may see their reveal on the first day, which happens to be tomorrow.

Android 13 glorious reveal

Well, if you own a smartphone from a company that isn’t Google, you probably still waiting or have just received the Android 12 update. As a result, Android 13 is far from being a reality. However, the sluggishness of Android OEMs to update their smartphones isn’t exactly a problem for the search giant. As a result, it will keep its usual schedule and will reveal Android 13 at the Google I/O.

Android 13 isn’t exactly new for Pixel smartphone owners. After all, the company kicked off the Developer Preview program over three months ago. The beta period also started in the last month. Therefore, most Android enthusiasts already know what the new update has in tow. Google’s Android 13 is not coming to revolutionize the Operating System. After all, Android 12 already did this with the Material You and Monet. However, the new version will bring some refinements to the previous release and will also disclose some features that weren’t available before.

Android 13

More details features for Monet

For instance, Android 13 will improve Monet’s theming engine and will make Material You richer. There will also be more customization options and speed. The new update also focuses on Privacy and brings AI-based Navigation controls. There are also other improvements for larger devices and even computers. We expect the new update to finally give purpose to the Android 13 FreeForm Windows, which have been long-neglected as part of the Developer Settings.

Android 13

Among the small but nice additions, the update will also bring better Bluetooth LE support and a new Photo Picker tool. The Copy/Paste and Edit controls will also be refreshed. Google may also reveal which Android OEMs will be able to take part in the Android 13 beta program at the event. We expect the global release to happen sometime in September or October. There is already a list of Xiaomi devices that will get eligible for the Android 13 update.

Google Pixel 6a

Google I/O has always been an event focused on software and developers. However, that’s a tendency coming to change this, and Google is about to follow suit. The company will also take the opportunity to disclose its long-rumored Google Pixel 6a.

As the name clearly suggests, this is a follow-up to the a-series of affordable Pixel smartphones. In this case, we’ll get a more affordable version of the Pixel 6. The rumors say it will be a slightly smaller version with a few hardware cuts to make it more affordable. As per the rumors, the phone will bring a 6.2-inch Full HD+ screen. For now, it’s unclear whether it has a 90 Hz refresh rate display or just 60 Hz. The phone will not bring the same impressive camera hardware, but will still do wonders thanks to Google’s reliance on software. Rumors say it will come with the best camera in the category.

Pixel 6a
The Pixel 6a will retain the lineup’s design

Interestingly, the phone will bring the Tensor chip, further expanding the availability of Gooogle’s proprietary chipset. The company usually takes the August route to release Pixel-a smartphones, but perhaps, the Pixel 6a is coming sooner to change things a little bit. This gives plenty of time for users to decide whether they will pick this more affordable version or wait for the Pixel 7 series release in October.

Google Pixel Watch

Ah yes, the Google Pixel Watch. This legendary product is finally getting its release, or in the worst scenario just an official teaser. We’re still betting on the first possibility, after all, Google is doing some crazy marketing moves for promoting this product. Maybe I’m just too much on conspiracy theories, but the case of the Pixel Watch forgotten at a restaurant can’t be simply digested. Google products have been leaking a lot for a while ago, and the Pixel Watch was just the latest target of deep leaks. Maybe, this is just part of Google’s master plan to get the attention of the new device.

Pixel Watch

The wearable has been in the rumor mill for the last 4 to 5 years. But it seems that 2022 is the year when Google will finally launch a product to push Wear OS forward. To be more precise, the wearable may be the first with Wear OS 4 which will be Google’s last attempt to make the wearable OS as popular as Android. The company got help from Samsung last year and may have finally found its way to build a solid wearable system.

The wearable will take on Apple Watch but has a circular dial. There are rumors about multiple wrist sizes, and obviously, we may see some Fitbit influences here and there. After all, the search giant acquired the legendary wearable maker. If the Pixel Watch is not appearing here, then, we can only hope to see it on the Pixel 7 series reveal later this year. Anyway, users can still expect a teaser of this product at the said event.

There are details around the battery and even the price floating around. So there is a good chance of this release finally happening.

Less likely, but good extras

Pixel Buds Pro

There is no concrete info, but the company may also use the event to launch or at least tease new wireless earbuds. There are rumors about the search giant’s answer to Pixel Buds Pro. (Seriously, Google is really trying to make front to Apple in the United States).

Google I/O Pixel Buds

There is also a small chance of a new generation of Pixel Buds A-series of more affordable earbuds. However, this is very sketchy right now, and you need to digest it with a pinch of salt. Anyway, if the Pro models are coming, we can expect ANC, a new design, and a higher price tag. Some health-centric features may also come as a good addition.

Pixel Fold and Android 12L

There are rumors about a foldable smartphone from Google. The tentatively named Pixel Fold will come with Android 12L. To those unaware, this is a special version of Android 12 with tweaks for large-sized tablets. We may hear more about the integration with foldable devices at the event and the future of the software for these products. We’re not really expecting the Pixel Fold to show its face at this event, but anything can happen.

Google I/O Pixel Fold

The device was planned for early 2022, but Google seems to have scrapped it for now. Anyway, we can expect to hear more until October.

More Software updates and products at Google I/O 2022

The search giant will also use the event to disclose more details about Google TV, Chrome OS, YouTube, Maps, Assistant and etc. At the same time, we expect to see the release of new Nest Home products, Chromecast, and other solutions.

Google I/O

There are rumors about a Nest Hubt Tablet 2-in-1 and a cheaper Chromecast without 4K support. However, there is hardly any evidence of the release right now. Anyway, hope is still in the air. We may also see the search giant playing with the AR and VR segment, after all, everything is about the metaverse anyway.

Google I/O 2022 – The biggest ever?

Google I/O could end up bringing everything promised in this article. However, at the same time, it could end up as a disappointment for those expecting a lot. The better thing to do is to cool down the expectations and just wait for the event. You can watch it here, but we’ll be covering all the details at Gizchina.

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