Why is the iPhone 14 series so popular – dominates the hot search

iPhone 14 series

Apple is an household name in the smartphone industry. Thus, there are usually a lot of leaks and speculations regarding new iPhones before they arrive. However, the popularity of the iPhone 14 series is on another level. This series has been on the news since late last year and its not slowing down. As of now, the iPhone 14 series dominates the hot search list on multiple social platforms including Weibo in China. Therefore, the topics on the hot search list themselves carry the attributes of popularization and concentration, which to some extent can reflect the attention and tendencies of the general public in the short term.

iPhone 14 series

On the Weibo hot search list, there are four topics that relates to Apple. Interestingly, two of the four topics relates to the iPhone 14 series. The four topics on Apple’s hot search list today are “iPhone 14 or no mini version”, “Apple App Store to increase advertising space”, “Apple to Android App Store”, “Apple to increase the price of iPhone 14”. The attention given to the iPhone 14 series so far has been astonishing.

One of the reasons for the popularity of this series is the anticipation. The iPhone 14 series will use a new design for the first time in five years. It will also ditch the mini version for the first time in three years. Thus, this series comes with a couple if firsts.

No market for the iPhone 14 mini version

It is no longer news that the iPhone 14 series will not have a mini version this year. However, this news keeps popping up as new more valid information buttreses the previous claims from leaks. The latest information from Apple’s supply chain has once again confirmed the possibility of the rumour. As we all know, in today’s mobile phone market, small-screen flagships are almost invisible. There are basically no manufacturers that specifically launch small-screen flagships. The reason for this is obvious, the market for small-screen flagships is very bleak. , which is obviously related to the overall trend of the market: the market for small-screen flagships is bleak.

Apple is one of the representative manufacturers of small-screen flagships. According to a research report from Counterpoint, among the four iPhone 13 models, the iPhone 13 is the most popular. This device has a market share as high as 51% while the iPhone 13 mini accounts for only 5%. The market situation for the mini model is obviously very bad.

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In the market of survival of the fittest, there is no market for small-screen mobile phones, and manufacturers will naturally phase out related products. This is not only the demand for their own development but also the inevitable progress of the mobile phone industry. Of course, it is undeniable that there are still some real users of small-screen mobile phones. However, under the influence of the general environmental trend, coupled with the problems of low battery life, inconvenient game operation, and dual-card dual standby, small-screen mobile phones will eventually become history.

Apple to ditch the price increase

In addition, Apple may stop the plan to increase the price of the iPhone 14 series by $100. This may be to ensure that it retains the high sales for the iPhones. Due to the declining desire and demand of consumers to change phones, the sales volume of the mobile phone market is in a downward trend in recent years. Even with Apple with decent sales, the downward trend still reflects.

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From this point of view, it is entirely possible that the iPhone 14 price increase plan will not pull through. So the question is, if the iPhone 14 does not increase in price, will you buy it?

Apple App Store advertising space

The Apple App Store has added advertising space, but it is not allowed to download third-party applications. The topics of the Apple App Store in the hot search list mainly involve the security issues. Careful users should be aware that in the Apple Store, there are currently only two places where ads exist in the “Search” tab and search results. After that, Apple decided to add advertising space on the “Today” page and individual app pages in the store. There is also no way to close these ads.

In today’s world, smartphones hold a lot of private information of users. The more poeple use smartphones, the more private information that the device holds. The APP is the carrier of this private information, and its security is obviously particularly important. In recent years, the frequent incidents of apps leaking user information also prove that the App Store needs to be more strictly audited when listing applications.

Apple’s concerns are understandable, but with the rectification of the Android store in recent years, the quality of the apps on the shelves has gradually improved, and security has become the starting point for many developers and managers. Apple and Android may have different paths of development, but they reach the same goal. The user experience is the center, and focusing on users may be the key to exploring a path of mutual benefit and symbiosis.

In terms of the iPhone 14 series on the hot search, there could be some software changes. There are now laws or litigations in different parts of the world forcing Apple to make changes. Although the company still has time, it is already making some changes ahead of time. However, as it makes changes, some are to its advantage. Consumers who have been in contact with marketing and experience for a long time can understand it better than anyone.

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