Garmin ECG App Launched: Here’s How it Works!

garmin ecg app

Garmin does not have an electrocardiogram (ECG) app. Moreover, the company needs a dedicated app. Because it has more focus on the health of its wearables. Now, reports say that it is now aiming to develop an ECG app.

Currently, Garmin has launched the ECG app. If we look around, its counterparts, such as Apple, already have this feature.

Garmin ECG App Feature

The best part is that the application can look for atrial fibrillation, commonly known as AFib. The ECG app can also read the heart rhythm of the user.

For instance, you are feeling a problem. You can directly sync results with Garmin Connect. Therefore, you can create and share reports with your healthcare specialist. However, you will have to select the preferred device with this software.

Currently, Garmin’s ECG app is available to Venu 2 Plus users. For now, users across the United States must use the firmware and the Connect app.

Moreover, Garmin plans to extend this facility to other countries and devices. For further extension, it will need the government approval of respective countries.

Most importantly, the app will take time before you can use it on your watch. Garmin ECG app has clearance from the US Food and Drug Administration.

garmin ecg report

Like all other health applications, reports will not have a definitive verdict on your health. Furthermore, the app will not be able to detect cardiac arrest.

The watch you’re wearing will offer functionality similar to the single lead ECG. At the same time, your doctor has a multi-lead system for an accurate ECG report.

But this app will do one thing: detect AFib in the early stages. Detecting AFib in the early stages is difficult in a clinic.

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How to Setup Garmin ECG App

Ready to take charge of the health of your heart? Here’s how to set up and use the ECG app on a Garmin watch that’s compatible with it:

  1. First, use the Garmin Connect Mobile app to turn on the ECG function. You’ll need to be in the US to activate the app the first time, but you can use it outside the US after that.
  2. Follow the instructions for setting up your watch, which will give you a quick rundown of what the ECG app can and can’t do (e.g. it does not detect heart attacks). Make sure you are at least 22 years old and can understand how to use the device.
  3. Once it’s turned on, go to your watch’s “Apps” list and choose the ECG app.
  4. Rest your arm and wrist on a table and put your other thumb and index finger on the metal ring or bezel. Make sure the watch is on the same wrist that you set up in the app.
  5. The ECG will start after 30 seconds. You’ll see your heart rate, a waveform, and a countdown.ECG app on a Garmin watch
  6. After the ECG is done, the results will be given to you right away. You can scroll through the waveform, write down any symptoms you had, and save the results on both your watch and the Garmin Connect app.

ECG Recording on Garmin watch

You can also send the results to your doctor or post them on social media as a PDF.

However, if you believe that ECG is a must-have feature, you can look for other alternatives. For instance, Google’s Fitbit, Withings, and Samsung have this technology in their watches.  Otherwise, the Garmin ECG app is good to go.

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