Uncovering the Unknown: Lesser-Known Indie Games on Steam

Indie games

With this article we want to shine a light on lesser-known indie games that struggle to get coverage on more popular games on Steam.

Now, a few things to remember: I haven’t played most of these indie games, so I can’t guarantee their quality. But we have faith in our Kotaku friends. Also, many of these indie games have yet to be released.

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If any of these projects pique your interest, simply add them to your Steam Wishlist by clicking the “Wishlist” button. You will be helping the creators tremendously by alerting Valve’s algorithm to your interest. And if you decide to buy these indie games when they come out, you will be a part of changing the world. So, without further ado, let’s get started with the first batch!

indie games

By the way, we have also created a list of the best Steam Deck games.

An Elaborate History Of Chess

An Elaborate History of Chess takes you on an epic journey through the fascinating world of chess. This exceptional crafting strategy game takes you on a captivating journey through the rich history of this timeless game. Immerse yourself in the grandeur of chess heritage as you build beautiful castles, bravely explore dungeons, cultivate lush turnip fields, and even experience the unexpected pleasure of being checkmated by a tree!

Uncover the secrets that have long surrounded the game of chess. Explore its deepest secrets and solve the intriguing puzzles that have baffled fans for centuries. Discover the intriguing roots of the mysterious movement of the horse piece with its unusual L shape. Each revelation will captivate you and deepen your admiration for the rich fabric that is chess.

House Hopper

“Jump, Fall, Crack, Repeat! promises to be a thrilling and adrenaline-pumping experience. This heart-pounding 3D platformer will put your will to the ultimate test. Prepare to embark on a challenging adventure that will test your talents and resolve to the limit.

Navigate through a series of highly challenging stages where every jump and fall has serious consequences. Expect dramatic moments as you work your way through intricate puzzles and uncover secret playable objects that open up new possibilities. Feel the rush of success as you push yourself to new heights by beating your personal high score.

Where Birds Go To Sleep

Join Cormo on an incredible journey into the depths of his own psyche in Where Birds Go To Sleep. This thrilling adventure takes you to a mysterious island hidden beneath a puzzling mist. Prepare for an immersive experience where your words have enormous power as you traverse Cormo’s path and use the art of persuasion to change his fate. But be aware that every decision you make will have unforeseen consequences, adding layers of intrigue and complexity to the story. Prepare to discover the secrets of this fascinating island and the enormous impact your choices can have on Cormo’s exciting quest.

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Prepare for a thrilling and competitive encounter unlike any other in DepowerBall. This dragon-feeding party platformer will get your competitive juices flowing as you race to be the first to feed the famous Dragon Queen and win in three exciting rounds.

Each round is a race against the clock, and your opponents score points by feeding the Dragon Queen. But beware: your success will attract the attention of your rivals, who will do everything in their power to even the odds. They have the ability to steal your talents, forcing you to change your approach on the fly or risk falling behind.

Navigate through dynamic and aesthetically spectacular environments, using your special abilities to outwit your opponents and gain the advantage. But remember, adaptation is essential in this fierce battle. Stay ahead of the game by developing new strategies and perfecting your approach with each round.

Turbo Sloths

Get ready to shine as the Wasteland League’s brightest star! What is your mission? Take control of a big, lumbering car and use a powerful turbine to turn it into a high-speed powerhouse. It’s all about pushing the limits of speed in this thrilling journey.

Customize your Turbojunk to perfection by equipping it with high-quality boosters and plenty of active gas. Prepare for heart-pounding racing as you unleash the full power of your tuned machine. It’s time to rethink speed and leave your opponents in the dust.

Tales of Seikyu

You enter this enchanted realm at the town’s historic inn, a place left to you by the revered god Inari. As an outsider, the fate of the inn and the city lies in your hands. Can you rise to the occasion and run the inn effectively in the face of frequent attacks from the armies of the ancient gods?

You must dodge the ever-present threats that hover over Seikyu while tending to your farm and participating in the daily rituals of farm life. You’ll learn the secrets of this lost land and unlock the ability to protect the town from the encroaching forces of darkness as you grow your crops, tend to your animals, and forge important relationships with the townspeople.

Use your skills, make wise decisions, and tackle problems head-on as you try to protect the people and preserve the inn’s heritage. With every step you take, you’ll explore the rich tapestry of Seikyu mythology and forge your own path through this captivating fantasy world.

Salvus: Aries

The story begins with the tragic death of our brave protagonist, who meets her untimely end on the dreaded chopping block. But don’t worry; this is just the beginning of an exciting journey that will only lead to greater heights, right?

Our heroine realizes that her penance is far from complete when she emerges from a long stint in purgatory, her memories blurred. She is to serve as a reaper until the higher powers decide that her mistakes have been adequately atoned for.

Guided by her newfound duty as a Reaper, she embarks on a mission to recover the remnants of her lost history and reconcile them with her present existence. In her dogged search for the truth, she uncovers the secrets of those around her. The biggest problem her friends face is rescuing her from the monsters that torment her soul.

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